The wedding night for two Egyptian newlyweds ends in prison after neighbors heard these sounds and reported to the police immediately! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


Two Egyptian brides decided to spend the wedding night in a different way that caused their arrest by the security services in Egypt, accused of excavating antiquities inside their home.

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The beginning, as reported by local media, was when the security services received a report from the Prime Time Zone stating that two newlyweds were excavating antiquities inside an apartment in the Haram area, in the Giza governorate.

Investigations stated that the newlyweds’ neighbors sensed strange noises from their apartment, which were the sounds of hammers on the tiles and crushing and digging.

The couple took advantage of the wedding night

Investigations indicated that the newlyweds took advantage of the wedding night to search for antiquities inside the apartment with the knowledge of their families.

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Following the report, a security force headed to the scene and raided the marital apartment, and found a hole in the apartment’s kitchen measuring 2 meters wide by 3 meters long and 4 meters deep, and next to it was the amount of debris resulting from the digging.

10 artifacts inside the kitchen

During a search of the house, the security forces found a number of artifacts, and 10 artifacts were extracted from a hole inside the apartment’s kitchen.

At the beginning of the interrogation, the couple denied that the excavation work was due to the search for antiquities, but by examining the excavation site, it was found that there was a crypt at the end of the excavation, which is a Pharaonic tomb.

An agreement with her family

In the end, the bride and groom admitted that they had agreed with their families to excavate the antiquities, taking advantage of the neighbors’ preoccupation with the wedding and the atmosphere of joy, until they were able to reach the cemetery and extract a group of artifacts with the help of their families who participated with them in the excavation work.

The artifacts were seized, and the defendants were taken to the Al-Haram Police Station and a report on the incident was drawn up, in preparation for referring them to the Public Prosecution for investigation.

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