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There are four main factors that determine the severity of coronavirus (COVID-19) in patients, and their chances of recovery from the disease, say doctors in Oman.

An individual’s natural immunity, the strain of the virus that infected them, the extent to which the virus spreads in their bodies, and any other health problems they have, affect whether they recover completely, or succumb to the disease.

Immunity – a person’s natural ability to fight disease – is by far the most important factor in the fight against the coronavirus, and the factors that determine this are often hereditary, i.e. passed on from parents.

Dr. Bashir, chief internist at Badr Al Samaa Hospital, said: “If your parents have strong immunity, you will probably also have a better ability to fight diseases.. If you have a strong immunity, it is very likely that you will only develop mild symptoms and recover from COVID.” -19 easily.

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However, immunity is not entirely dependent on genetic factors.

Eating a proper diet and getting regular exercise is one of the best ways to boost your body’s ability to fight disease naturally.

Bashir admitted: “These days, we see a lot of patients eating fast food, sugary drinks and fatty snacks.. These foods will not help the body fight disease. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, stay hydrated and maintain healthy habits. Your immunity will automatically improve.”

unhealthy habits

In addition, Dr. Rashid Ali, internal medicine specialist at Al Salamah Polyclinic, said that unhealthy habits lead to problems such as obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure that doctors refer to as comorbidities, which exacerbate the impact of some diseases on Prime Time Zone.

He said, “If the patient’s viral load is high, he is more likely to reach the critical stages of COVID-19.. If there are 100 cases of the virus in my body, and 10,000 cases in your body, the severity and spread of the disease in your body will be more. My ability to fight disease also depends on my immunity.”

“But if I have comorbidities or if I have high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, or if I’m taking an immunosuppressive drug, you will have more complications that will affect recovery,” he added. .

The first period of presence of the virus in the body is the most important

Ali explained that the first period of the virus’s presence in the human body is the most important.

Patients who deliberately delay getting to hospitals to get a diagnosis, after they have already developed symptoms such as fever and cough, have also played a role in making recovery more difficult for some of them.

Ali also touched on a stage in the body called viremia, which is the state of the virus being in a person’s bloodstream.

During this stage, treatment with anti-inflammatories and other related medications will help the patient make a full recovery.

However, once it begins to affect other organs, causing the patient a lot of suffering, the disease becomes more difficult to treat.

The importance of early testing for the Corona virus

In this context, Dr. Sathish Veluswamy, a surgeon at Burjeel Hospital, advised Prime Time Zone to come to hospitals early for a diagnosis, if they feel their symptoms are getting worse.

He also asked Prime Time Zone to take care of their immunity, which is one of the most important defenses against the virus.

“Not all individuals have the same immune response: When they have a cold, for example, some recover quickly and go about their business, while others have severe headaches and other problems,” he said. Most often, immunity is familial: it is inherited from the family. Some individuals relapse: they are more affected by diseases, while others are not.”

“Unfortunately there is no system in place to properly map a person’s immunity,” said Veluswami, adding that some poor lifestyle habits – such as cigarettes and alcohol – indirectly affected the body’s ability to fight disease.

“Alcohol definitely definitely affects your immunity,” he explained. Likewise, if you smoke, you weaken your lungs. This prevents you from engaging in physical activities, and comorbidities like this can cause other problems such as high blood pressure.”

“Exercise is also a great way to boost your immunity, especially if you do exercises like yoga,” he added. “There are many coaches online these days, who can help you learn it the right way.”

Immunity is governed by various factors

Another doctor in the country, Dr. Rajiv Chattanath, head of the COVID-19 unit at NMC Hospital, said that for Prime Time Zone to be eligible for vaccinations, it was important that they keep their immunity levels high, and maintain the required precautionary measures. )

He said that “immunity is governed by various factors such as whether the person has previously been exposed to the virus, his general health condition, the extent of his activity, and his level of physical fitness.” “Some Prime Time Zone may also take medications such as steroids to treat other comorbidities such as arthritis, but one of the side effects of these medications is their immunosuppressive nature.”

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Chatthanath added that exercise goes a long way in improving immunity, as do proper sleep habits and a regular diet.

“Usually, patients with mild symptoms do not need to come to the hospital,” he said. They can recover at home, by drinking plenty of water, taking vitamin-rich supplements, and also getting enough rest. Unfortunately, there is still no anti-coronavirus drug available for patients with mild symptoms of the disease. Depending on their comorbidities, if they have other serious illnesses, it is best for them to come to the hospital.”

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