They feel that they are in another world .. “The Independent” reveals how the crystal drug invaded Iraq and destroyed its youth A nation is tweeting out of tune


A British report revealed the details of the most dangerous matter facing Iraqi youth, in light of the spread of crime and drugs in the country, especially the crystal drug. During the previous years.

Drug “methamphetamine” or the crystal drug

The newspaper said:The IndependentBritish, “methamphetamine” drug cartels also known as “crystal dope”. It is sweeping the Iraqi youth in the absence of governmental solutions to face this serious crisis.

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime stated that this type of drug has become the main drug. The concern of the competent authorities and health experts in Iraq.

In a report published in February, the UN office warned that “methamphetamine” is now secretly manufactured in the country, and that smuggling is no longer sufficient. From neighboring Iran.

The newspaper quoted a young man named Ali, aged 27, as saying that he had noticed recently that “methamphetamine is. She is consuming it, not the other way around.

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He added, “I discovered this after I had stolen a cooking gas canister from my family’s house to sell it and buy drugs, and the matter reached me. Also, to sell my bed, which I slept on and before it, I gave up my phone for small fines. Of drugs ”.

Later, Ali was arrested at a checkpoint, east of Baghdad, in possession of drugs. He was sentenced to one month in prison on charges of possession.

Here, Ali continues recounting his story sadly: “We use drugs so that we feel that we are in another world. We all want to escape from our miserable lives.”

According to the British newspaper, the young man is one of thousands of addicts to methamphetamine in Iraq. That country that wasn’t until recently. It was not clearly suffering from the spread of drugs, in contrast to what is happening in countries. Others, like Iran and Afghanistan, which are drowned in opium and heroin.

Crystal dope ‘a hidden epidemic’

Iraqi doctors explained that the spread of the drug “methamphetamine” in their country has become like a hidden, unseen epidemic, warning. That it may become more dangerous than the emerging corona virus pandemic.

According to some statistics, about 60 percent of the Iraqi population is under the age of 25, while the unemployment rate among youth in Iraq is estimated at 36 percent.

The newspaper adds: “Consequently, the security authorities in Iraq suffer from many problems in facing this crisis, as I mentioned some sources. Al-Qanat prison, where Ali is currently housed, holds more than 217 accused of trade or possession. For the “crystal dope.”

The sources pointed out that one gram of that drug was sold for about $ 100 in 2017, but it is now being sold. At about $ 14 at the moment.

Warnings and prompts

Last month, the Human Rights Commission in Iraq issued a severe warning against the exacerbation of the risk of drug spread and the high rates of abuse and addiction among segments of society.

“The drug problem will be the main and biggest challenge that the country will face in the coming years,” said Ali Al-Bayati, a member of the Human Rights Commission, in a press statement.

According to the newspaper, this is due to the serious security, social and economic problems that will result from its outbreak. And its rapid spread in all provinces of the country.

Al-Bayati explained, “Iraq is still dealing with the drug file from a purely security point of view, and other efforts are almost non-existent.”

He added: “It is believed that the issue of combating the drug dilemma needs to be amended in the Anti-Narcotics Law issued in 2017. To tighten the punishment for drug trafficking and relieve users of drug users, because they are victims of reality. Provided that traders are not escaped. From punishment under the pretext that they are users only or vice versa ”

An aggravating problem after 2003

The problem of the spread of drugs in Iraq began to worsen after the US invasion in 2003, as before that it was only a passage for these materials, but the insecurity. Which the country witnessed, led to the expansion of that trade and its reach to unprecedented borders.

Observers and heads of organizations concerned with following up the drug file in Iraq indicate that official efforts are not commensurate with the size of the large spread. It is limited to combating small traders and not prosecuting the main ones involved in it because of their association with influential political parties and armed militias. In addition, the failure to resolve the border crossings file is one of the biggest obstacles to this file, especially since Iran is the largest source of drug entry into Iraq.

High addiction rates and drug stores

“The beginning was by noticing the increasing number of drug users in the school where I work,” says Ines Karim. President of the “Iraq without drugs”, the beginning of her work in the framework of combating drug abuse.

And she adds, “I initially helped treat a number of students who used drugs, and then started the organization to work on a larger scale.”

She points out that “the risks of drug proliferation in Iraq are no less than the dangers of terrorism, especially with tracking of addictions and their impact on society.”

It notes that “the rates of drug abuse are becoming increasingly alarming, with exceeding the limits of 40 percent among some age groups of young Prime Time Zone.” Indicating that “the age group that uses drugs is between 15 and 35 years old, but the largest percentage in addiction treatment centers is between the ages of 17-25 years.”

Karim pointed out that “there are cafes that have become places for promoting drugs, where they put these materials in their hooks for their customers without asking them.” To attract young Prime Time Zone to addiction, ”adding that“ the Drug Enforcement Directorate raids these cafes every period, but they are increasing continuously. ”

The governor of Diwaniyah, Zuhair al-Shaalan, had indicated in a television interview on October 29, that “the rate of drug use is. Among the youth in the province it exceeded 40 percent.

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