They saw the picture of Hala Shiha, published by Moez Masoud, and because of her, she topped the trend | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


Preacher Moez Masoud published a picture that he collected with his wife, artist Hala Shiha, in which she appeared in the veil, while his youngest daughter “Sarah” mediated them, and commented on her by saying: “Words cannot describe the extent of my love for you both.”

Moez Masoud publishes a picture of him with his wife, Hala Shiha

This appearance of the artist, Hala Shiha, comes after her recent crisis with her compatriot, artist Tamer Hosni, when she opened fire on him after the release of the clip (I Love You), which contains scenes that bring them together from the movie (Mesh Ana).

Hala Shiha published the poster of the movie (Not Me) through her account on (Instagram) and attached it to a comment that read: (I was very surprised by the release of a clip that combines separate scenes from the movie, and in the days of Dhul-Hijjah, blessed days, especially after the last post I downloaded and explained what I am).

Hala Shiha expressed her shock at Tamer Hosni in particular, and said: (I was more surprised, especially after Tamer Hosni promised to me and confirmed that he would respect my desire and some of the requests I asked him with respect and the love of the summer that had passed and he assured me that he would respect my desire).

Hala Shiha saw that the success of Tamer Hosni’s movie is a success by worldly standards, adding: (Believe me by the standards of our Lord, we have not and will not succeed, I know and am sure that my colleagues are good, but unfortunately the sedition of fame and success does not allow us to see and measure things right).

Hala Shiha crying because of the clip (I love you)

Hala Shiha revealed that she cried when she saw herself in the scenes of the clip (I Love You).

And she continued: (Speaking from my heart, this clip is pleasing to our Lord, and I cried because I saw myself in these scenes, this was a slip as a result of circumstances I went through, and we all made mistakes and we must make mistakes because we are human, but the disaster is that we overlook and forget).

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And Hala Shiha added: (I will not lose anyone, I have decided from these scenes, and they are not correct, and I am wrong and correct, and the most important thing is that our Lord is satisfied with me, because in the end this is what benefits us, not fame or success, no, it is not success at all, because real success is another thing. Sincerely, most of us have forgotten it, except for a few of us.

As Hala Shiha mentioned, Tamer Hosni told him in an old meeting, and she said: (If art makes us move away from the curriculum of our Lord and we are a role model for our children, it remains void and nothing is art. I die while I am a singer. I am always afraid of this.. Sure words I said in a moment of sincerity inside you and all of us).

Hala Shiha, Tamer Hosni, asked to see the video again, commenting: (See it again. It can make you think that inside you is definitely in a struggle, and I and all of us, we all make mistakes, but the important thing is that in the end we correct the mistake and fix it).

She concluded by Hala Shiha her words a verse in the Qur’an: (only repented and Ouamn worked Amlࣰa Salehࣰa Voolyk toggles Allah the evil of Hassantࣲ and Allah is Ghafoorࣰa Rahیmࣰa} .. God is the Word of God and the beauty of my peace if our voices are all our talents we use it in good Ashan remains the art of hard).

Artists attack Hala Shiha

A large number of stars of the artistic community in Egypt launched a violent attack on the artist, Hala Shiha, who announced her repentance again and absolved her of their new movie with Tamer Hosni, “Not Me”, which caused widespread controversy in the Egyptian artistic community.

Scriptwriter Muhammad Al-Adl objected to the attack of the artist Hala Shiha, who directed him to the artist Tamer Hosni in the first place and then to the artistic community, pointing out that he is proud of being one of the workers in the artistic community.

And Al-Adl said in a post on his personal Facebook page: “What you did, we see it as forbidden. Will you spend forbidden money? Return the money.”

And he continued, “Sorry, I am proud of my affiliation with art and artists.”

Scriptwriter Muhammad Al-Adl continued his attack on Hala Shiha: “They say what she did was a sin, but what she did was not a sin. She is free in herself… It is true that no one forced her to portray what she rejects, but her freedom belongs to her.”

And she continued, “But what she said is all the sin. She accused us and accused her sister and her father of their religion… As for her husband, who is willing to produce, who encourages artists to become famous.”

Al-Adl concluded his post: “These are the words of Moez Masoud (her husband) who is holding the mobile phone.. right?”

tamer hosny replied

The artist, Tamer Hosni, came out to respond to Hala Shiha and her attack on him, saying on his Facebook page: “The truth is, I never imagined that I would enter into a discussion in this way with a colleague who respected him and there was all the best between us, to clarify that you, Hala, wrote a post and shared the honorable audience with us instead. You were not talking to me personally and discussing between you and me, so I am obliged to respond here with consent.”

And he continued: “First, I never promised you that the clip would not be downloaded at all, Hala, I am not sincere in what I promise and break. The truth is that I respected my words with you and promised you to remove other scenes that you requested and actually removed and thanked me for. With Mr. Amr Akef or his words, he sends you all of them, and then the movie said it was 3 weeks in the cinemas, and the clip is in the middle of the movie. It is for you that we download the clip on YouTube only.”

And he continued: “Is the clip discovering the atmosphere of the cinemas? Really strange logic, Hala, and then it is not you who spent a contract and sued a large amount for it because of this particular role, it is not you who filmed and represented it yourself with complete satisfaction and no one forced you?!”

And he added: “And to clarify to the honorable audience, I and the director, Professor Sarah Wafik, sold you and we were tricking you to come see your work before the release of the film, because if you had any note to say, you would not reply to us and all your phones were locked in our space.”

Tamer Hosni concluded his words by saying: “I am very upset with you, Hala, for the unsuccessful vocabulary of your post, and it is impossible to utter in your way, which includes insults and false accusations, out of respect for many arguments. He guides everyone and writes you all the best, Amen.”

They saw the picture of Hala Shiha, published by Moez Masoud, and because of her, she topped the trend | A homeland tweeting outside the flock

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