This artist tried to establish a relationship with Tamer Hosni, and she became pregnant and gave birth without marriage! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The wife of the Egyptian artist Tamer Hosni, the Moroccan Basma Bousil, sent a harsh message to the artist Zina, which turned out to be the reason behind their differences that almost led to the divorce.

Basma Bousil published her message through the “Alasturi” feature on “Instagram”, in which she said: “He will not marry you .. Spirit leave me without blush..sho through Prime Time Zone a text of how many .. I tried to reduce a song you know you understand because of ignorance only.”

Basma Bousil put on this story the festivals song “Qasam Mazza”.

Zina scandal

Basma Bousil had re-published a video in which her lawyer friend, Sarah Darwish, appeared, revealing the main reason that prompted Basma to file for divorce from Tamer Hosni, and launched an attack on Zeina without mentioning her name directly.

Sarah Darwish said in the video that a well-known artist was trying to establish a relationship with Tamer Hosni, but his wife revealed the matter, which prompted the latter to seek divorce from her husband.

Sarah Darwish denounced Zina with pregnancy and the birth of her twins, from the Egyptian actor Ahmed Ezz, without marriage.

The communication sites were filled with the separation of the couple a while ago, when Basma Bousil announced on “Instagram” that she and her husband had separated a while ago, and are currently preparing divorce papers, before she returns and announces her reconciliation with him.

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