This is a condition that Egypt placed before Turkey before the exchange of ambassadors and the reopening of embassies | A nation is tweeting out of tune


Newspaper revealed “Lebanese news“New details regarding the Turkish-Egyptian relations and the ongoing negotiations between the two sides to return things to what they were before the coup d’etat of the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, regarding the exchange of ambassadors and the reopening of embassies.

Turkish haste to exchange ambassadors and reopen embassies

The Lebanese newspaper said that Egypt officially rejected what it described as “Turkish haste” in exchanging ambassadors and reopening embassies. Which has been running through business for years.

The newspaper stated that this is pending agreement on various items that have not been addressed yet, which means waiting for the end of the meetings at the security level.

The newspaper added: “Cairo renewed its request to gradually restore relations, and not to jump over the stages, in order to avoid the emergence of problems in the near future.

It indicated that the Egyptian security officials demanded the speedy delivery of the wanted suspects residing on Turkish territory.

Egypt reveals the details until ambassadors are exchanged

An Egyptian security source told the newspaper that some Egyptians whose passports were not renewed were facing trouble leaving there.

The source added: “The Turkish authorities promised them to grant them citizenship on previous dates to resume relations, which puts them outside legal prosecution. After changing their names and dealing with them with Turkish identities.

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The source claimed that they would be forced to avoid talking or commenting about the Egyptian issue.

According to the information, according to the newspaper, Ankara has given an opportunity to a large number of these Prime Time Zone to leave its territory no later than the end of next month.

According to information, the families will stay in Turkey until the end of the school year in case they also want to leave.

She added, “According to what was communicated to Egyptian officials, at least 200 Prime Time Zone left Turkey during the past weeks. To many destinations ”.

The newspaper indicates that among these bodies are Britain and European countries, and that this is based on visas they have already obtained.

Stop funding channels

The newspaper says: “There are tendencies among businessmen to stop any funding for channels that were attacking Egypt from inside Turkish territory. This also applies to social media, not just channels.

The newspaper added: “It is expected that agreement between the two sides will be concluded on“ common principles ”in dealing with the political opposition present in both countries. In a way that will restrict many on both sides, although some of them are not necessarily wanted in relation to cases in Egypt.

Egyptian tightening

The sources reported that what was agreed upon in the security coordination meetings during the previous weeks is that these steps take place as soon as possible. With Egyptian stress on handing over a number of wanted persons before naming ambassadors

While arrangements are being made to hold a meeting between the two foreign ministers as soon as possible prior to a meeting at a higher level. The new security coordination meeting is scheduled to be held in Cairo with high-level Turkish participation.

The newspaper added, “However, the two countries are still confidential about the expected date during the last third of this month.

He added, “However, they acknowledge that progress has been made in many matters, especially with regard to some of the names who were informed of Cairo leaving Turkish territory without specifying their travel destination.”

Turkish advertisement

Earlier, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that his country’s relations with Egypt had entered a new phase. In the latest indication of the rapprochement attempts with Cairo.

“A new phase has begun in relations between Turkey and Egypt,” the official Turkish Anadolu Agency quoted Cavusoglu as saying. There may be visits and reciprocal talks in this regard.

He added that there is an upcoming Turkish-Egyptian meeting at the level of the assistants of the two foreign ministers, and “work is underway to determine its date.”

The Turkish foreign minister had taken the month of Ramadan as an occasion to speak with his Egyptian counterpart Sameh Shoukry, to congratulate him on the advent of the holy month.

Observers saw in the phone call a new attempt by Ankara to approach Egypt.

And Turkey recently began to change its rhetoric about its relations with Egypt, after it had a tense tone.

She talked about the existence of intelligence and diplomatic contacts with Egypt, despite reports that these talks had stalled.

An official visit next month

In the context, Turkish Foreign Minister “Mevlut Cavusoglu” said, Thursday, that a Turkish diplomatic delegation is an assistant to the foreign minister. He will travel to Cairo in early May in response to an invitation from the Egyptian side.

Çavuşolu added, according to what was reported by Turkish media, that he would meet his Egyptian counterpart, “Sameh Shukry,” after visiting the delegation.

On Wednesday, Turkish media quoted the Turkish foreign minister as saying that a “new phase” had begun in relations between Turkey and Egypt.

He indicated that the two sides could exchange visits and talks at this stage.

According to informed sources, a meeting will be held in the first stage at the level of Deputy Foreign Minister and other diplomats, and will be discussed. Various files, including the appointment of ambassadors, and the arrangement of meetings between the foreign ministers of the two countries.

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