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A tag in the name of the retired Egyptian artist, Shams Al-Baroudi, issued the list of the most popular hashtags on Twitter in Egypt, after a recent photo of her was spread on the communication sites with her husband, artist Hassan Youssef.

Shams Al-Baroudi, who is now 75 years old, published a picture in the “selfie” style with her husband, Hassan Youssef, and appeared in the veil that she wore many years ago after her retirement from art.

Al-Baroudi’s image caused a sensation on the communication sites, as her appearance since her retirement from acting is very rare.

Shams appeared in good health and did not show signs of graying significantly, as well as her husband, Hassan Youssef, who appeared in good health and is now 87 years old.

Activists praised the beauty of Shams Al-Baroudi, who still retains it despite reaching this age.

Many followers also praised Shams Al-Baroudi’s commitment to the veil since she announced her retirement from the world of acting, and did not take it off, as did some actresses who wore it and then returned to take it off and practice acting again.

Shams Al-Baroudi retires from art

Shams Al-Baroudi retired from art at the beginning of the eighties, after her last movie, “Two On The Road.”

She wore the hijab and the niqab for a while, and she has since retired from the limelight. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Shams’ last appearance was about two years ago with her family, before she reappeared in this new photo today.

Shams Al-Baroudi has been married to Hassan Youssef since the beginning of the seventies, and they have four children: Nariman, Abdullah, Mahmoud and Omar.

Recently, rumors have been circulating about Shams Al-Baroudi’s intention to return to art. After she took off the niqab and was satisfied with the hijab, especially after some retirees returned to art again.

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While sources close to the family denied her return to art and lights again, and confirmed that Shams Al-Baroudi did not think about it, especially that she moved away and retired “at the height of her fame”, and she does not intend to return again at this age.

The sources indicated that Shams Al-Baroudi focused on caring for her home, her husband, artist Hassan Youssef, and their small family.

Naveen does not have any feeling of wanting to return to art after many years of retirement.

The story of Shams Al-Baroudi’s retirement

In press statements last year, Al-Baroudi revealed new details about the journey that was behind her decision to retire from acting in 1982.

Al-Baroudi said, in exclusive statements to the Egyptian newspaper “Al-Watan” at the time, that she traveled to Paris with her husband, artist Hassan Youssef, and bought the latest clothes from international fashion houses there, in preparation for filming a new movie produced by her husband’s company, adding that she “then headed to the Kingdom.” Saudi Arabia accompanied by her father to perform Umrah.

And she continued: “I arrived in Medina first with my father, and women were allotted time to visit the tomb of the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, and there I saw the Prophet Muhammad, the best prayer and peace be upon him, at his grave and he was looking at me. (Oh my beloved, O Messenger of God) and I do not believe what is happening to me.”

And Shams Al-Baroudi added: “The wife of my father’s friend at the time was with me, who shouted at me, saying (Above me, Shams), and I left the place in a daze, to the point that my father asked me why I was late inside, so that his friend’s wife replied, saying, “Bless her. I did not understand the meaning of her words due to the excessive state of silence and astonishment that possessed me at the time.”

And she continued: “Then we headed to Mecca to perform the rituals of Umrah, and during the circumambulation, other conquests occurred to me, including my vision of the Fatiha of the Books complete with its meanings while I was praying, and when I committed I read the runways of the walkers in 3 parts, and I discovered that I saw everything that was written, I swear to God that this is what happened. with me then.”

And she continued, “My heart was convinced at that time that everything would pass away, whether money, prestige, form or beauty, and only the strength of my faith would remain with me in my grave, and at that time I decided to retire from acting while I was at the height of my artistic glow.”

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