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The Jordanian Royal Court responded to what was reported by the “Pandora Documents” about the possession of King Abdullah II of Jordan 14 luxury homes in Britain and America and 36 offshore companies, considering the information published as a security breach and a threat to the safety of the King and his family.

The Royal Court said in a statement today, Monday, that it had followed up on recent press reports about a number of properties of King Abdullah II abroad, some of which contained inaccurate information, and some of the information was misused, distorting the truth and providing exaggerations and incorrect interpretations of it. According to the statement

King Abdullah II owns apartments in America and Britain

The Royal Court confirmed that King Abdullah II owns a number of apartments and houses in the United States of America and the United Kingdom, and this is not something new or hidden.

He said that King Abdullah II uses some of these apartments during his official visits and meets official guests there. He and his family also use each other for private visits.

King Abdullah II of Jordan

Details related to these properties are made available to the concerned authorities when preparing for official or private visits and for security coordination regarding them, according to a statement by the Royal Court.

The Royal Court said that the failure to announce the real estate of Jordan’s King Abdullah II comes from the matter of privacy and not out of secrecy or with the intention of concealing it, as the reports claimed. Referring to the Pandora Documents

He added that privacy measures are essential for a head of state at King Abdullah II site.

Moreover, there are basic security considerations that prevent the announcement of the residences of King Abdullah II and his family members, especially in light of the growing security risks.

A security breach and a threat to the safety of the King and his family

The Jordanian Royal Court considered that what some media outlets have done of publicizing the addresses of these apartments and houses is a flagrant security breach and a threat to the security and safety of the King and his family members.

Accordingly, overseas companies have been registered to manage the affairs of these properties and ensure full compliance with all relevant legal and financial requirements. According to the statement

He said that the cost of these properties and all the financial consequences arising from them were covered at the King’s own expense, and the state’s budget or treasury does not entail any financial costs, as is the case with regard to the personal expenses of the King and his family.

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Jordan’s King Abdullah II and his wife

All public funds and financial aid to the Kingdom are subject to professional professional scrutiny, and their spending and uses are fully documented by the government, and by countries and donors.

Any claim linking these private properties to public funds or aid constitutes a baseless slander and an abusive attempt to distort the truth.

He considered that “these false allegations constitute defamation of His Majesty the King and the reputation and position of the Kingdom in a systematic and directed manner, especially in light of His Majesty’s positions and his regional and international role.”

The Royal Court statement concluded by saying: “The Royal Hashemite Court deplores all reports that distorted the truth and contained misinformation and abuse that are refuted by the facts, and reserves the right to take the necessary legal measures.”

Pandora Documents

Under the title “Pandora’s Papers”, information was published revealing the wealth and secret transactions of world leaders, politicians and billionaires, in one of the largest financial document leaks.

Among those leaders whose fortunes were revealed and whose name was mentioned in the leaks, is King Abdullah II of Jordan, as documents revealed that he had bought luxury apartments and companies in the years when Jordan was going through the worst economic crisis.

These documents detail how companies that provide secret financial services operate, and the secret fortunes of some of the most powerful and powerful Prime Time Zone on the planet.

Leaked Pandora documents revealed that the King of Jordan spent more than 70 million pounds (more than 100 million dollars) to establish a real estate empire in the United Kingdom and the United States.

It turns out that King Abdullah II secretly owns a network of companies that he has used to purchase 15 properties since taking power in 1999.

The list includes three oceanfront homes in Malibu, California, worth 50 million pounds, and properties in London and Ascot in the United Kingdom.

King Abdullah’s lawyers said he bought the properties with his own money, and there is nothing wrong with using companies based in tax havens to buy these properties.

According to the documents, between 2012 and 2014, King Abdullah bought four apartments in the upscale Georgetown neighborhood in Washington, DC.

The $16 million purchase of these apartments may have something to do with the king’s son, Crown Prince Hussein, who was studying at Georgetown University at the time.

A pedestrian passes a building where a property of King Abdullah II is located in Georgetown, Washington
A pedestrian passes a building where a property of King Abdullah II is located in Georgetown, Washington

Located on the Pacific Ocean in Malibu, the seven-bedroom home is located in an area of ​​multi-million dollar real estate overlooking the Pacific Ocean on the Point Dome Peninsula in Malibu, California.

Sir Anthony Hopkins, Julia Roberts, Simon Cole, Gwyneth Paltrow and Barbra Streisand lived in the area.

The property was purchased for $33.5 million in 2014 by Nabisco Holdings SA, a company based in the British Virgin Islands. The purchase amount was a record in the region at the time.

The two houses on either side of the property were bought by two different companies also based in the British Isles in 2015 and 2017, and the three properties are undergoing alterations to make them one mega-property.

Companies secretly owned by the King of Jordan

The “Pandora Documents” reveal that the three companies are among the companies represented by a law firm in Panama, all of which are secretly owned by the King of Jordan.

An anonymous blogger writing about celebrity home sales in California at the time said: “Someone has gone through a hell of a hassle to keep a secret what they’ve done here. In general, wealthy Prime Time Zone do not like to reveal their identity. But this level of deliberate obscuration exceeds virtually anything we have ever seen.”

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The King of Jordan was able to keep his real estate ownership secret, because he used companies based in tax havens to make purchases.

The Prime Time Zone who set up the companies for the king were careful not to identify the owner, and referred to him in one internal document as “You know who.”

International efforts to improve financial transparency may face some difficulties, according to some estimates.

The BVI passed a law in 2017, requiring the owners of all businesses on the island to register in an internal registry maintained by the government.

Real Estate King of Jordan
Real Estate King of Jordan

But one document shows that eight months after the Beneficial Owner Safe Search System came into effect, a number of BVI companies linked to King Abdullah bin Al Hussein have not submitted the requested information to the authorities.

Nor does the king appear to have been listed as a politically exposed person, as someone who holds a prominent public position, a requirement for financial firms under anti-corruption rules.

And Anil Schlein, a Middle East analyst, points out that these leaks could have an impact in Jordan.

The Jordanian monarch does not secretly own properties in Malibu only, as the “Pandora Documents” indicate that there are eight properties in London and the southeast of England.

These properties include homes in some of the capital’s most luxurious streets, including in Kensington and Belgravia, as well as in Ascot in Surrey County, and he owns four apartments in Washington, DC.

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