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This is how the Sultanate of Oman eradicated an extraneous phenomenon before its spread! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The Consumer Protection Authority in the Sultanate of Oman confirmed that it had dealt with a coffee shop in Al Buraimi Governorate, after it violated public morals and served drinks while breastfeeding children.

Cold drinks in bottles

The Consumer Protection Authority stated, in a statement published on its official website, that its administration in Buraimi had dealt with the cafe after receiving many reports against it. To serve cold drinks in bottles designated for drinking milk for children.

The authors of the reports expressed their dissatisfaction with this extraneous fad in the customs of the Omani society, and the administration immediately began taking measures to prevent its circulation.

The authority indicated that it dealt with the coffee shop in accordance with Article (21) and (26) of the Consumer Protection Law, and the first stipulates that the provider must. Commitment to respect religious values, customs and traditions when providing the consumer with any commodity or receiving any service.

Banning the circulation of indecent goods

And it is stated in the executive regulations from the text of Article (26) that it is prohibited to trade in commodities that come in indecent or immoral forms.

In its statement, the authority called on business owners to take into account the authentic customs and traditions of Omani society and to move away from all that. He would harm her, fearing that she will move quickly against anyone who violates this.

Juices in baby bottles

Omani news accounts reported yesterday, Saturday, that the phenomenon of offering drinks in restaurants and cafes to customers with bottles intended for drinking. Milk for children, I arrived at Al Buraimi Governorate In the Sultanate.

The Oman Al-Hadath account, via Twitter, stated that juices in infant formula had reached Al-Buraimi Governorate. And specifically in the “X5” cafe. Amid the indignation and condemnation of citizens, who demanded the authorities to take immediate action to prevent them.

The phenomenon of providing coffee with bottles intended for drinking milk for children began a few days ago in a café in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates

A number of the tweeters also indicated that the photos were taken from Dubai, specifically from the One Million Cafe.

According to the photos circulating on social media, the drinks provided by the café were placed inside. Milk bottles before serving them to customers.

The images sparked controversy on “Twitter”, as some considered them a new and innovative idea for promotion and marketing, as they considered it. Some are not suitable to attract more customers without regard to the quality of the product or the way it is presented.

It is worth noting that the judicial authorities in the Sultanate of Oman are launching a campaign against indecent behavior and content.

The Sultanate of Oman recently issued court rulings against some celebrities for the offensive content of their posts. They were charged with breaching public morals.

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