This is the fate of the Jordanian representative, Osama al-Ajarmah, because he told the council (Tz), and the decision was taken in 10 minutes A nation is tweeting out of tune


Jordanian media revealed that the Jordanian Parliament issued today, Thursday, a decision to freeze the membership of Representative Osama Al-Ajarmah because of a speech he considered an insult to the parliament and its members.

Jordanian MP Osama Al-Ajarmeh

In a session that did not exceed 10 minutes, the Jordanian Parliament voted, in an emergency closed session, on the decision to freeze Al-Ajarmah’s membership for a whole year, because of his saying to the council, “Tz”.

Parliament considered Al-Ajarma’s statement “an insult to the House of Representatives, its prestige, reputation, members, and the internal system of the House.”

In details, 91 deputies voted to freeze membership out of 103 who attended the session.

It is noteworthy that the seventeenth parliament had previously taken a decision that included the dismissal of one of its members (Talal Al-Sharif) and the suspension of membership of another (Qusay Al-Dimisi).

The House of Representatives has the right to lift the punishment for al-Ajarmah even without the expiration of the term of his sentence.

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And the decision of the representatives means that Ajarmah will remove his representative capacity from him with all the privileges he gets, such as a car and other things, and he is treated naturally, and this also applies to the reward that he was getting.

Before the end of the legislative session held by the Council to discuss the money laundering and terrorist financing bill, Representative Osama Al-Ajarmah addressed a speech to his colleagues in the Council to clarify what had happened.

Where he assured his colleagues in the parliament that he respects what is imposed on him and the deputies the internal system of the council.

Al-Ajarmah said that he is an extremist in defending the homeland and its Prime Time Zone, saying: “Every one of you came filled with anger in this great matter, with my constant assertion of what the articles of the internal system imposed on us, and that my uprising was not inferior to what was in your hearts of a free and dear uprising.”

Jordanian Parliament

The Speaker of the Jordanian Parliament, Abdel Moneim Al-Awdat, decided to refer Representative Osama Al-Ajarmah to the Legal Committee, to take the required law in his right to what was done in the previous session, stressing that it will not allow any encroachment on the prestige of the House of Representatives.

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