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The Kuwaiti fashionista, Rawan bin Hussein, was unable to give her last farewell look to her mother, who died a few days ago in Kuwait after a struggle with illness.

Rawan bin Hussein did not say goodbye to her mother

Rawan bin Hussein expressed her sadness and shock after being prevented from entering Kuwait due to the Corona virus vaccine.

Rawan bin Hussein revealed through her account on (Twitter) what happened to her, saying: (My beloved country, if she is close to me, is dear… My beloved mother was deprived of seeing her before the burial, deprived of visiting her grave and unable to be next to my younger brother and sisters who desperately need me.. Why?).

And she continued: (Because I took the Sinopharma vaccine approved by the UAE and the rest of the world, except for my beloved country, Kuwait!).

Rawan bin Hussein: My country deprived me of my most basic rights حقوق

Rawan bin Hussein reprimanded her country’s authorities, saying: “Is this reasonable? My country is precious to me and the flesh of my shoulders is from its goodness, but I did not expect the day to come when my country will deprive me of my most basic rights. God suffices me and the best agent.”

And the Kuwaiti fashinista continued in another post: (I received a few minutes ago information that the law not allowing the exit of citizens vaccinated with unapproved vaccines from Kuwait, will be implemented starting from August 1. God willing, I will spend how many days in my country and among my family and visit the grave of my beloved who lost it).

Kuwait allows changing the type of vaccine with the second dose

The State of Kuwait has set certain conditions for changing the type of vaccine against the emerging corona virus in the second dose, and has also authorized the approval of certificates for vaccinators abroad, provided that the vaccines are licensed locally.

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Health published a statement the day before yesterday through its account on (Twitter), in which it said that the Technical Committee for Vaccines had set conditions to allow the change of the (Covid-19) vaccine platform in the second dose according to scientific recommendations.

The statement indicated that the competent committee approved the change for Prime Time Zone who have contraindications to taking the same type of platform for the first dose of the vaccine.

The statement indicated that pregnant women who received the first dose before pregnancy and whose condition requires changing the type of vaccine in the second dose may also be allowed.

Kuwait adopts 4 vaccines to immunize the population against the coronavirus: (Pfizer-Biontech), (Moderna), (AstraZeneca) and (Johnson & Johnson).

Rawan bin Hussein had announced the death of her mother last Monday after a struggle with illness and her stay in a coma for months.

And Rawan bin Hussein wrote in a post via (Instagram) and (Twitter): (I moved next to the Rahman, my love, the light of my eyes, Toti, the mother of Hassan, the righteous girl in her parents, the last day, and she shackled them over her head, the wonderful wife, the tender mother and the truest friend. From whom I derived my strength).

Rawan bin Hussein continued her mother’s mourning with moving words: (Mama, my love, God took his trust on the first night of Dhul-Hijjah, blessed days, because you are an adorable and pleasing person, Lord. ).

Rawan bin Hussein’s mother was suffering from kidney failure and lung failure, as a result of which she fell into a coma for several months before her condition deteriorated and she died last Sunday.

Rawan bin Hussein: I am sorry for my republic in Saudi Arabia

A few months ago, Rawan bin Hussein topped the list of the most frequently discussed topics via the Twitter application in Saudi Arabia, after her apology to the Saudi Prime Time Zone.

Rawan bin Hussein said at the time in an interview via the joint live broadcast feature with Emirati media, Mahira Abdel Aziz on (Instagram): (I am sorry for my fans in Saudi Arabia, today I am proud of King Salman, the Entertainment Authority, and the achievements of Saudi women).

And she continued: (I apologize to you if I interfere one day in topics that I do not understand, the Saudi audience was and still is my first supporter).

And she continued: (It is not a defect that one makes a mistake, but we learned from our mistake, we grew up, we were reckless and we were young, and I hope they will forgive me because I remain their daughter, the daughter of Kuwait and the daughter of all the Gulf, and I grew up with them).

Rawan bin Hussein’s crises with Saudi Arabia

Rawan’s crisis with Saudi Arabia returns when she tweeted through her official account on “Twitter” about the murder of Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate in Turkey.

Rawan wrote at the time: (Why do they confess after twenty days? Why is the body missing? Why is there rumors that the body was dismembered? So, according to what they said, an accident! .

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Rawan was then attacked by Saudi activists, who demanded that she not interfere in political affairs in general and Saudi Arabia in particular, and advised her to talk about clothes, make-up and fashion show, and to stay away from these sensitive matters.

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