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This is what Ahmed Al-Saqqa’s wife Maha Al-Sagheer did, two weeks after the death of her father A nation is tweeting out of tune


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Maha Al-Saghir, the wife of the Egyptian artist Ahmed El-Sakka, sparked a wave of widespread controversy on social media, due to a video clip she posted on her account on the Instagram site of short photos and videos.

The pioneers of the communication sites launched an attack on Maha Al-Sagheer after she appeared in the clip with loud makeup, while dancing to the tones of a song. Although many days have passed since the death of her father, the plastic surgery expert, Mohamed Al Sagheer.

Maha al-Saghir appeared in the clip, telling her his cameraman is I have missed her, Maha.

To answer the wife of the Egyptian artist with a loud laugh.

The most prominent comments on the video were: “Forbidden for you, your father is still dead,” “What is this makeup?” So why did not pass 10 days.

The artist Ahmed El-Sakka had previously announced the death of his father-in-law Muhammad al-Sagheer, the father of his wife Maha al-Saghir, due to his infection with the Corona virus “Covid 19”.

Many artists and artists participated in the obituary, attended his funeral, and offered condolences to his family.

The Egyptian actor Ahmed El-Sakka collapsed at the end of last January during the funeral of Hama, the famous hairdresser and beautician Mohamed Al-Saghir.

At the time, local media reported, the moment Ahmed El-Sakka burst into tears as he was leaving the cemeteries after the burial of Muhammad al-Saghir, who died after a conflict. With the emerging “Corona” virus.

Ahmed Al-Saqqa also apologized to a journalist who was badly injured in the nose after Al-Saqa’s business director assaulted him.

An assault on a journalist at the funeral of Mohamed Al-Saghir

And this was while the journalist covered the funeral of the late Muhammad al-Sagheer, which took place from the Sultan Hussein Mosque on Salah Salem Road in the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

As soon as Ahmed El-Sakka learned of the attack, he went to the photographer and apologized to him, and the journalist accepted the apology.

Leaking pictures of Mohammed al-Sagheer condolences

Ahmed El-Sakka paid the condolences of Hama Mohamed Al-Sagheer, in front of his house in the 6th of October City, Cairo, Egypt.

Al-Sakka gave verbal instructions to the bodyguards and Hama staff to prevent the filming of the funeral.

Despite this, some Egyptian websites and newspapers published leaked photos of the condolences.

The funeral of Muhammad al-Saghir, took place from the Sultan Hassan Mosque in Heliopolis, and his body was buried in the family graves at the Girls College.

The death of Muhammad al-Saghir

Al-Sakka announced the death of Hama through his account on the “Instagram” social networking site.

Al-Sakka also published a picture of Al-Sagheer, commenting on it: “He passed away to the mercy of God, Hamaya, and my father, Al-Aziz Muhammad Al-Saghir, please pray for him with mercy.”

Art stars in the condolences of Mohamed Al Sagheer

A number of art stars in the Arab world flocked to the home of the plastic artist, Mohamed Al-Sagheer, to offer condolences to his media daughter Maha Al-Saghir and her star husband Ahmed El-Sakka.

Hani Ramzy, Lebleba, Yousra, Hala Shiha, Amr Mansi, Mai Omar, director Mohamed Sami, Ihab Fahmy, Edward, Amr Mahmoud Yassin, and former football player Mohamed Zidan and his wife were at the head of the audience.

Yousra is sad because of Mohamed Al-Sagheer

Yousra shared a picture of her with Mohamed Al-Sagheer on “Instagram”, calling him: “My friend, my beloved, and my great brother, the good and the good, the young Muhammad, is in the custody of God.”

And she continued: “My words about you did not make you right, because you were great in every human and practical need, and your pride in me was beyond description. And our Lord, all of us will be patient with your separation, my dear.

The last thing Muhammad al-Sagheer said

The son of Ahmed Al-Saqqa, the grandson of Muhammad al-Saghir, revealed through his Instagram account, the last thing his grandfather said.

“The last thing Hammoudi said is … I am happy,” wrote Yassin El-Sakka.

Muhammad al-Sagheer was infected with the new Corona virus, but his condition has deteriorated in recent days.

This prompted his daughter Maha Al-Saghir to intensify his supplication and publish successive posts in the last week before his death, calling for her fans and lovers. Her father prayed for him to be cured of his illness, which had become so severe for him.

Who is Muhammad Al-Sagheer?

Mohamed Al Sagheer is considered one of the most famous hairdressers in Egypt and the Arab world.

During his more than 40 years of career, Al Sagheer cooperated with most of the stars of art and media.

He also has a book in which he narrates his professional and humanitarian career called “Days of My Life”.

He revealed the scenes and details of his biography and his relations with famous Prime Time Zone in the Arab world.

In a previous television interview, the late Muhammad al-Sagheer recounted the beginning of his career, saying that he had not completed his education.

Al-Sagheer also indicated at the time that he had left school while he was in the second year of middle school.

His dream was the world of beautician and hairdressing, because it is a profession. His uncle, who was the dean of the hairdresser profession in Egypt.

Muhammad al-Sagheer worked with many important personalities in their homes and put his own touches on their looks.

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This is what Ahmed Al-Saqqa's wife Maha Al-Sagheer did, two weeks after the death of her father  A nation is tweeting out of tune