This is what an Israeli officer revealed about the upcoming explosion between Hezbollah and Israel A nation is tweeting out of tune


The Hebrew newspaper “Israel Al-Youm” said, Friday, that information indicates the possibility of an imminent explosion of the northern front between Israel and the Lebanese “Hezbollah”, and the outbreak of a war “that may last for several days.”

The newspaper stated, in a report, that the escalation “could happen at any moment.”

The newspaper quoted a prominent officer in the Northern Command of the Israeli Occupation Army, that his country’s army must constantly prepare for the possibility of a war with the Lebanese Hezbollah, in particular, or an explosion on the northern Israeli border, in general, against the background of Israel ending a dramatic year on those borders .

The newspaper indicated that “Hezbollah” will continue its attempts that it carried out during the past year, in response to the killing of one of its members in an Israeli attack that took place near Damascus International Airport. .

The senior Israeli officer pointed out that Hezbollah tried to carry out an infiltration operation on Mount Hermon last September, but the Israeli army did not want, at the time, to escalate, considering that the time was not right to respond to “Hezbollah”, and that it sent a sharp message to The Lebanese party will not hesitate to respond, once again.

On December 25, the head of the Executive Council of the Lebanese Hezbollah, Hashem Safi al-Din, warned that the possibility of war with Israel still exists.

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