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The US military announced that before its withdrawal from Kabul airport on Monday night, it damaged aircraft, armored vehicles and an anti-missile defense system.

The commander of the US Central Command, General Kenneth McKenzie, said during a press conference that his forces had “disarmed” these materiel, meaning that they were damaged and rendered inoperable again.

General McKenzie, who follows Afghanistan to the scope of his command’s operations, added that the disabled equipment includes 73 aircraft, stressing that “these aircraft will not fly again.”

Aircraft and military equipment

He added, “No one will be able to use it,” noting that “most of them were originally out of service (…) but it is certain that they will not be able to fly again.”

General McKenzie explained that the US military also left behind at the airport 70 mine-resistant armored vehicles – each costing one million dollars – and 27 lightly armored Humvees.

McKenzie said all of these mechanisms have been corrupted and taken out of service, so “no one will be able to use them again.”

He added that the US military also left behind a C-RAM missile defense system that it had installed to protect Kabul airport, a system that intercepted on Monday five missile attacks launched by ISIS on the airport, noting that the difficulty of dismantling it eventually necessitated its destruction.

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“We chose to leave these systems in service until the last minute,” General McKenzie said, before the last plane took off from Kabul airport.

He explained that “dismantling these systems is a complex and time-consuming procedure, so we have disarmed them so that they cannot be used again.”

Republicans Attack Biden

On the other hand, the Republican Party’s staff launched a sharp attack on Democratic President Joe Biden, after the Pentagon announced the exit of the last American soldier from Afghanistan, in a withdrawal they said was “humiliating” and leaving American citizens “at the mercy” of the Taliban movement.

Republican Party Chair Rona McDaniel said in a statement that Biden had “created a disaster and failed Americans and our interests.”

She added that what happened in Kabul “proves what we already knew: Joe Biden is unable to play the role of commander-in-chief of the armed forces, and the United States and the world are less safe because of him.”

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said the president had left “Americans at the mercy of terrorists.”

The Pentagon announced that the huge air bridge that it had built since August 14, on the eve of the fall of Kabul to the Taliban movement, and continued until the end of the withdrawal on Monday, contributed to the evacuation of more than 123,000 Prime Time Zone, the vast majority of whom were Afghans.

But the commander of US Central Command, General Kenneth McKenzie, acknowledged that the number of those the army was able to evacuate from Kabul before the withdrawal was completed is less than he had hoped.

“We were not able to evacuate everyone we wanted to evacuate,” he said.

According to US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, a small number of his country’s nationals, between 100 and 200 Americans, are still in Afghanistan.

US withdrawal from Afghanistan

As soon as the Pentagon announced the end of the withdrawal from Afghanistan, a number of Republican parliamentarians were called to meet, including former military personnel who had served in Afghanistan, such as Michael Waltz.

The Florida representative said that “in the region, they say that jihad has won and democracy has been defeated, this is humiliation,” adding that the US forces will one day have to “return to this country in order to manage this chaos.”

In turn, Senator Rick Scott said: “We can’t fight endless wars, but the scale and repercussions of Biden’s failure are staggering.”

The lightning victory of the Taliban, which Washington did not expect, led to chaos in the withdrawal of the Americans and their allies from Kabul, and caused the American homeland to open a new front in the fierce battle between Republicans and Democrats, who usually rise above their partisan differences when it comes to matters of national security.

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