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This is what will happen on the banks of the Nile soon, and official statements portend disaster | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The Sudanese Minister of Foreign Affairs revealed an Ethiopian offer that Sudan had received to see the details of filling the Renaissance Dam in the coming July and August, although it begins preparing for it by emptying more than one billion and 600 million cubic meters of water.

Ethiopia dam

In a post on Facebook, the Sudanese minister said that any sharing of information without a binding legal agreement is like a grant or charity. From Ethiopia, you can stop him at any moment.

It is clear that Addis Ababa made this offer to relieve it of the Sudanese, regional and international pressure.

For his part, Brigadier General Al-Taher Abu Haja, an advisor to the president of the Sudanese Sovereignty Council, launched a water war if the agreement on the issue failed. Renaissance Dam with Ethiopia.

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Abu Hajjah clarified that the water war is coming and will be worse if there is no intervention by the international community, stressing that there is no strong reason. To create enemies more than deprivation of water.

In statements published on a Sudanese army website, the Sudanese official said that the positions of Addis Ababa and its intransigence in front of all options. The proposed solution to the Renaissance Dam crisis, reveals its inherent intention not to cooperate.

Abu Hajjah added, warning against Addis Ababa’s behavior in the repeated attacks on neighbors and rejecting international proposals.

Ethiopian position

For his part, Ethiopian Minister of Water and Irrigation Silbchi Bagli sent an official invitation to Sudan and Egypt to nominate their dam operators. This is in order to exchange data before the start of the second filling of the GERD.

The Minister referred to the progress made in the construction of the Renaissance Dam and the proximity of the rainy season in Ethiopia.

He also stressed the need to work together on important practical arrangements.

He added – in a letter to his Egyptian and Sudanese counterparts – that the appointment of the operators will expedite appropriate arrangements for information exchange and procedures. Building trust between the three parties.

The Ethiopian letter emphasized the importance of the immediate conclusion of agreement on rules and guidelines on the second filling, in accordance with Article 5 of. Declaration of Principles signed by the three countries.

The Ethiopian Minister affirmed that his country is keen to host the first meeting of the dam coordinators and operators in the Ethiopian capital soon.

Egyptian Sudanese statements

At a time when the final position of Egypt and Sudan regarding the Ethiopian move has not yet been announced, he said Egyptian Minister of Irrigation. Mohamed Abdel-Ati that Ethiopia is accused of thwarting the Kinshasa meeting on the Renaissance Dam crisis.

Abdel-Aty clarified that his country and Sudan have shown cooperation and flexibility in order to reach a fair and binding legal agreement that serves all aspirations. Development parties, but the Ethiopian intransigence thwarted these steps.

According to a Sudanese Foreign Ministry official, he told Anadolu Agency, without mentioning his name, that Ethiopia had offered Sudan hours before it was informed. On the details of the second filling of the dam.

The Sudanese official, who is part of the negotiating team on the dam, explained that the offer comes “from Ethiopia, even though it started on Saturday. Preparing for the second filling, by emptying between 600 million and one billion cubic meters of water to test the work of the gates of the dam.

He pointed out that Ethiopia had made this offer in order to lift Sudanese, regional and international pressure.

And he considered that sharing information by Ethiopia without a binding legal agreement is tantamount to a grant or charity from Ethiopia, which it can stop at any moment.

However, the source did not clarify whether Khartoum had responded to the offer or had not decided on it yet.

Suffice it to stress the importance of reaching a binding legal agreement on filling and operating information together and not one without the other.

Ethiopia is intransigent in filling the dam for the second time next July, without any agreement with the parties concerned, Egypt and Sudan.

Both Cairo and Khartoum are adhering to an agreement that will preserve their financial facilities and ensure the flow of their annual share. Of the waters of the Nile River, which amounts to 55.5 billion cubic meters for Egypt and 185 billion cubic meters for Sudan.

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