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It seems that the joining of the Syrian artist Abdel Moneim Amayri to the crew of the series (prestige) in its fifth part is not the only surprise that the famous series hides.

The last part of (prestige)

Syrian director Samer Al-Barqawi announced the launch of filming the final season of the series, titled (The Prestige Mountain).

Al-Barqawi published a photo (Clacket) from the location of the shooting, and attached it to a comment: (The launch of the photography of prestige 5).

The producer of the work, Sadiq Al-Sabah, announced in a tweet on his official account on (Twitter) the start of filming, and wrote: (With the help of the Almighty, the filming of the prestige series began today, in its fifth and final part, under the title of prestige, a mountain. I welcome all the heroes of the work and our Arab star Tim Hassan. Samer Al-Barqawi).

A series of surprises and changes

Sources close to the crew of the series (prestige) reported that the events will carry a lot of suspense and shocking events to the audience.
The new part will witness many changes, in addition to Abdel Moneim Amayri being an enemy of Tim Hassan, the Lebanese actress Aimee Sayyah joined the crew.

The biggest surprise is the exclusion of the Syrian artist, Uwais Makhlati, who played the role of (Sakhr), the brother of (Jabal Sheikh al-Jabal).


And The series (prestige), a Syrian-Lebanese series produced in 2017, produced by Cedars Art Production, written, screenplay and dialogue Hawan Akko, directed by Samer Barqawi, and starring the Syrian artist Tim Hassan, the Lebanese artist Nadine Nassib Najim, the Syrian artist Mona Wasef and the Lebanese artist Carla Boutros, and the Syrian artist Rosina Lazkani.

The second part of the series, titled “The Prestige of Return”, was shown in Ramadan 2018, and this part featured events that occurred in time before the events of the first part.

Tim Hassan and Abdel Moneim Amayri together

Abdel Moneim Amayri had surprised the audience just days ago by announcing that he would join the fifth part of the series (prestige).

Abdel Moneim Amairi said in a statement to the mbc trending program that he signed the contract a month ago, and he will be a counter hero alongside Tim Hassan, and he will embody the role of the new enemy of (Jabal Sheikh Al-Jabal).

Abdel Moneim Al-Amayri indicated at the time that filming would begin in the middle of this month, and the series would be titled (The Prestige Mountain).

And about his participation, he said: Abdel Moneim Al-Amairi: (The first time a Syrian participates in the tournament, instead of a Lebanese one).

Tim Hassan carries out the wish of his fans

Critical artistic accounts were written that the presence of Abdel Moneim Al-Amayri was in implementation of Tim Hassan’s wish, and the account (Syrian Drama) wrote: (Tim Hassan most listened to the views of his fans, they asked him to exclude Nadine Njeim and the pen force expelled her. They demanded that the heroine be a Syrian artist and their mountain is Dima Qandalaft. The role of Adel and Tamanu is the enemy of a Syrian artist, with the value of Abed Fahd or Abdel Moneim Amayri, and this is what happened).

In the same meeting, Abdel Moneim Amairi revealed the truth of his connection, and said: (All that I photographed with an ordinary artist or girl they said that we are related, and it is not logical for me to refuse to picture with someone, this is the tax of fame).

Abdel Moneim Amayri crying

Abdel Moneim Amayri cried in the same interview on the air, after he remembered a scene from his last series, Anonymous.

Abdel Moneim Amairi said that the character of Samir that he embodied in the series still has an effect on him, until it came to him that he burst into tears upon his recollection.

And he continued crying: (I remembered my moments while in prison, and at that time I had a confusion between my personality and that of Samir, and I also lost the ability to speak at that time).

(I didn’t show my nakedness)

Abdel Moneim Amayri had justified his shocking image from his new series (Anonymous Entry), which was considered to cross the red lines.

Abdel Moneim Amairi said at the time in an interview with (Sham FM) Radio about his picture while he was serving his needs inside the bathroom with a scene described as (disgusting and disgusting): (The scene is short, and I did not show my nakedness, and there are clips that have a dramatic justification, is there anyone who does not enter the bathroom ?).

Al-Amairi continued: (The scene was shown on an encrypted platform, meaning that Prime Time Zone pay money to watch, and you did not enter my house to watch, and when you see a part, you cannot judge it.)

And he continued: (How will I sit on the toilet seat with my underwear? Do I do it on myself, for example? Although there is a scene in which this matter happens while hitting the character).

I will not appear naked

Abdel Moneim Al-Amayri confirmed that he refuses to appear naked, and said: (If he asks me to appear naked, I will refuse, and there is an upcoming role that requires me to kiss me and I will do it, because it is in a justified context).

He continued, “When I am asked to be a rapist? Does this mean that I will really be a rapist?).

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