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The Tottenham team outperformed its guest rival NC Moura by five to one goal in the European League competitions, which brought both teams together at the “Tottenham Hotspur” stadium.

Tottenham and the precious five

Tottenham scored the first goal of the match in the fourth minute through Dele Alli, through a penalty kick that the team got, to hit the net against Moura, while the second goal came in the eighth minute through Giovanni Lo Celso with a powerful shot scored by the player to the right of the opposing goalkeeper.

Harry Kane scored a hat-trick in the 68th, 77th and 88th minutes of the match with superb shots at the visiting team’s goal, Mora.

Mora and the only goal

Mora scored the team’s only goal in the 52nd minute through Jiva Kos in a quick counter-attack, which the player scored strongly against the home side, Tottenham.

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With the team’s repeated attempt to reduce the difference in the match, but it failed due to the replacement of the Tottenham team’s defense to defend its goal and prevent it from reaching the net, the meeting ended with the victory of the Tottenham team with a precious five against a single goal.

Tottenham squad

Coach Nuno Espirito Santo entered the starting lineup against his guest rival Moura in the European League, where Hugo Lloris was the goalkeeper.

While in the defense of the team came Emerson Royal, Christian Romero, Giovanni Lo Celso, while in the middle of the team came the players, Dele Alli, Lucas Moura, Oliver Skipp, and in the attack of the team came: Son Heung-min, Harry Kane, Brian Gill.

Mora’s squad

Coach Ante Symondza played in a starting lineup in a difficult match against his host counterpart, Tottenham, as he was present in goalkeeper Matko Obradovic.

While in the defense of the team came: Clement Sturm, Henrik Neergoti, Giga Kos, while in the midfield came: Stanica Mandic, Luka Bobicanek, Samsonden Oro, Nick Lurbek, and in the attack of the team were: Mitya Lutrich, Theo Sebot, Amadi Marosha.

The standings of the two teams in the European League

Tottenham leads the group standings with 4 points, while its rival, NS Moura, is at the bottom without scoring any points during the European League competitions for the current season.

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