Tourists:: Stock Exchange officials review before “businessmen” the advantages of listing in the capital market


Dalia Al-Sawah, a member of the Board of Directors of the Stock Exchange for small and medium companies, said that the Businessmen Association, represented by Engineer Ali Issa, will sign tomorrow a cooperation protocol with the Egyptian Stock Exchange represented by its Chairman, Dr. Specifically in the SME market.

Al-Sawah explained to “The Stock Exchange” that the signing of the protocol will be followed by a presentation by stock exchange officials of the advantages of the offering to encourage companies to list their shares and complete the growth process and increase success stories in the Egyptian market. EBRD”, and sheds light on the financing mechanisms available to small and medium-sized enterprises from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, where the bank bears 50-80% of the cost of sponsoring the registration of small and medium-sized companies in the Nile Exchange.

She revealed that the majority of the association’s member companies are small and medium-sized companies that apply to be registered in the small and medium enterprise market, to achieve the stated goals of offering 100 of them by the end of next year.

In a related context, the Egyptian Stock Exchange is witnessing today the first meeting between the sponsors of the small and medium enterprises market and the Egyptian Stock Exchange, after completing the contracting operations with Nile Stock Exchange companies, to discuss the studies that have been carried out and ways to achieve the goals and to determine the expected growth rates for companies in the coming period, and to discuss the problems if Found and working on it.

The Board of Directors of the Stock Exchange approved, at the end of last January, the results of the second evaluation process of the register of approved sponsors for small and medium-sized companies market companies, which ended with the registration and continuation of the registration of 11 companies, in addition to the delisting of 5 companies, and the suspension of the registration of 8 companies.

The article, Al-Sawah:: Stock Exchange officials review before “businessmen” the advantages of listing in the capital market, which was written in the Stock Exchange newspaper.