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Social networking sites in Jordan have been buzzing with the names “Al-Bashir Hospital” and “Lynn Abu Hatab” since last Monday, after the death of the child, Lynn, as a result of a “medical error” at Al-Bashir Hospital in the Jordanian capital, Amman.

Misdiagnosis causes catastrophe

In the details of this tragedy, Maher Abu Hatab, the girl’s father, said that his daughter was admitted to the hospital due to abdominal pain, on Friday, September 3, and her condition was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection.

Despite the treatment of the girl, her stomach pain did not stop, which made her father send her to the hospital again, and the second diagnosis concluded that she was suffering from appendicitis.

Accordingly, Lin underwent surgery at Al-Bashir Hospital, but the appendix ruptured and caused poisoning in the body, and then she died.

According to the Director of the Forensic Medicine Directorate at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Hassan Al-Hawari, the cause of death was the appendix rupturing, which led to bacteremia resulting from gallbladder inflammation.

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The Ministry of Health stated, in a statement published by the Jordan News Agency,Petra“It has formed an investigation committee into the death incident, which includes its own medical team and the Hashemite University, to hold those responsible to account.

Jordanian street anger

And Jordanian journalist Shadi Samaan tweeted: “Who is the complainant, Lynn Abu Hatab, and the culprit is Al-Bashir Hospital? It is not the first time.. Where is the Jordanian judiciary in terms of criminals in the medical sector?”

Dima Abdel Latif wrote in a post on her Twitter account: “Everyone who receives a ministerial portfolio should be obligated to treat him and his family only in government hospitals… especially # Bashir_ Hospital… the girl’s video burns the heart, may God give patience to her family.”

While she held Malak responsible for the health sector in Jordan, saying: “The story is a story of medical negligence, not a story of medical errors, Your Honor. Neglected doctors, their entry into the health sector was nothing but a means.”

A large number of communication pioneers criticized the statements of the Minister of Health, Firas Al-Hawari, who said that “medical errors exist globally… and junior doctors will not be left alone.”

hospital response

For his part, the director of Al-Bashir Hospital, Abdul-Manea Al-Sulaimat, confirmed, on Monday, that an impartial committee has been formed to investigate the death of the child, Lin, and will hold all those who have minors accountable.

Al-Sulaimat said: “In the event that an error is proven, the offender will bear an administrative penalty on the one hand and referral to the judiciary on the other.”

He added: “The decision-making committee and our options are many inside and outside the hospital,” stressing that “the child’s right will be taken through the judiciary in the event that negligence is proven.”

Not the first time

The controversy over common medical errors in hospitals in Jordan has renewed after the death of the little girl, Lynn. For example, the news of the death of a Jordanian doctor spread hours after she was referred to a general surgery doctor last January.

The death of the little girl Ghina

The shock of the child’s death, Lynn Abu Hatab, was hardly over until it spread on social media platforms, with the label of the girl Ghani, who died due to a medical error a few days ago.

The girl’s father states that his daughter, Ghina, was transferred to Al-Rahma Hospital, in Irbid Governorate, north of Jordan, after complaining of severe pain in her stomach. A doctor in the emergency department examined her and concluded that she suffers from urinary tract infection and kidney failure.

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Still in pain, her father took her to the hospital again, where they told him that an immediate medical intervention was necessary. But she died during the surgery which was postponed many times.

Awad points out in a tweet he posted on his Twitter account that the death of the child Lynn was not the first, saying: “It is reported that the accident was repeated about a year ago for a girl with the same accident, the appendix erupting in the same hospital due to medical negligence.”

It is noteworthy that Jordanian courts are awash with hundreds of files that revolve around the issue of medical errors, most of which lead to death, disability, failure of vital organs, or even coma.

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