Treasury bills interest is dropping one basis point in today’s bid


The average interest in Treasury bills of the two terms decreased by 182 and 364 basis points for both terms.

The Ministry of Finance offered, through the Central Bank, 10.5 billion pounds in treasury bills, and received requests from them that exceeded 20 billion pounds, but the finance accepted 10.5 billion pounds of which the value of the bid presented itself.

The average interest on bills for that term was 10.39%, the lowest return was about 13.001%, and the highest return was 13.441%.

The Central Bank said that treasury bills were offered for 357 days, worth 7 billion pounds, and that they received offers worth 17.4 billion pounds, from which they agreed on the bid value only.

The average interest on treasury bills for that term was 13.368%, while the highest yield was recorded at 13.401%, and the lowest return was 13%.

The article on Treasury bills interest plunging one basis point in today’s bid was written in the stock exchange newspaper.