“Tuk Tok” commented in front of the headquarters of a supervisory body in Egypt to be an example, which provokes widespread ridicule A homeland tweeting outside the flock


A circulating picture of “Tuk-Tuk” – a means of transportation used in Egypt – that was hung in front of a building of a supervisory body in Egypt, so that it would be an “example” for violating the regulations, aroused widespread ridicule among activists on the communication sites.

According to Egyptian media, the El-Shorouk City Authority, represented by the agency’s security department, announced that it had managed to seize a tuk-tuk while infiltrating the city, with the participation of the Tameer Police Force.

Tuk tuk at the door of El Shorouk City Regulatory Authority جهاز

Al-Shorouk City Authority suspended the “tuk-tuk” after confiscating it with the loader in front of the device’s door to serve as an example to other tuk-tuk drivers who challenge the authority’s decision to prevent the entry of “tuk-tuk” vehicles into the city, according to a statement by the agency.

This scene aroused widespread ridicule among the activists, who saw that the matter was exaggerated, and the official could have taken legal measures against the violating vehicle without this (show and show) as they described it.

For his part, Engineer Abdel Latif Bishara, President of El Shorouk City, said in statements to the media, that he will not allow these vehicles to enter El Shorouk streets.

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He explained, “The vehicle was seized and deposited at the agency’s headquarters in preparation for the final confiscation, and legal procedures are being completed against its owner.”

In his statements, the head of Al-Shorouk Authority issued a warning to the owners of “tuk-tuk” vehicles not to pass inside the city.

He stressed that there will be no complacency in the event of monitoring with its confiscation, and legal measures will be taken against its drivers or owners, in order to preserve the civilized facade of El Shorouk City.

It is worth noting that Al-Shorouk City Authority issued a decision banning the entry of “tuk-tuk” vehicles; In order to preserve the cultural aspect of the city, Al Shorouk City will be a city free of tuk-tuks.

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