Tunisian rapper “Brulux” surprised broadcaster Sami Al-Fihri when he challenged him to recite the Qur’an (video) | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


The French rapper (of Tunisian origin) known by the name Brulux surprised the followers of a Tunisian program, with his reaction when the announcer told him that he did not know anything about Islam.

The beginning was when the Tunisian journalist, Sami Al-Fihri, told Brulux when he hosted him on his program (Fikra) on the (Al-Hiwar Al-Tunisi) channel, that being a rapper, he does not know Islam.

Al-Fihri continued: (Being a rapper, it is said that you are far from Islam, violent and talk about the disappointing things in society, and do not know how to say even a single sentence from the Qur’an).

Brulux denied these accusations and said: (I know the Qur’an and breastfed Islam in my childhood), to be surprised by Sami al-Fihri by giving him the mike saying: (Memorize Qur’an? Read).

Brulux recites Surah Al-Isra and recites it wellجود

Brulux began reciting verses from Surat Al-Isra amid the astonishment of Sami Al-Fihri, who said when he finished reciting: (I see you memorizing the Qur’an and doing good violin).

Brulux answers: (Whoever does not sing the Qur’an is not one of us, I memorized the Qur’an in Paris, at the school of Sheikh Hammami, may God have mercy on him, and completed the Qur’an when I entered the school).

And about his feeling of contradiction about his songs and what is inside, Brulux said: (The devil strives to mislead us, and God willing, my Lord will guide us, and my family does not like art and singing, and I do not sing in front of them, whether my father or my mother).

Terrorism is incompatible with Islam

Brulux continued: (I always maintain prayer and was raised in a Muslim family in France, despite the bad image that was taken of Islam and its association with terrorism, even though Islam is against terrorism).

Brulux went on: (Islam is what the Messenger Muhammad taught us, and how he said my nation is my nation and the burning is with him on his nation, how the nation of Muhammad entered Islam by softness and not by killing, whoever kills a soul is as if he killed all Prime Time Zone, and do not kill your children for fear of poverty, we provide for you and them, verses confirming that Terrorism is against Islam.

Tweeters: Don’t judge by appearances

The tweeters praised Brulux and saw that his reaction and his recitation of the Qur’an were a clear lesson for not judging others by their appearance, so a tweeter wrote: (Some Prime Time Zone think if you are a sheikh, it means it is impossible to sin, and if you are a singer, it is impossible to read a superficial and disgusting Qur’an).

And another tweeted: (We take advantage of the clip, “You judge Prime Time Zone with evil.. Every person has good even if he does not show it.”)

An activist denounced that the prevailing idea is that a reader of the Qur’an must have a beard.

While another praised Brulux’s voice and wrote: (Whether they agree or disagree on the scene, his voice in the Qur’an is clearer and more beautiful).

Another demanded that others not appoint themselves in the place of God, and wrote: (You are not God’s guardians on earth. We do not have the right to classify Prime Time Zone and we do not know what they hide inside them. Some scholars say it is not possible to memorize the Qur’an and listen to singing, but the examples in reality contradict that, of course I am not talking about The permissibility of singing, but on this point specifically).

Moroccan distorts Surah Al-Kawthar

The circulation of Brulux’s clip while reciting the Qur’an coincided with the conviction of the Court of First Instance in Marrakech, Morocco, of a Moroccan with Italian citizenship, with enforceable imprisonment, on charges of insulting the religious sanctities of the Moroccan Prime Time Zone on social media platforms and bragging about what she called Surat Whiskey.

The court sentenced the woman to three and a half years in prison and a fine of 50,000 dirhams ($5,500).

And the Moroccan newspaper (Hespress) reported that the accused, who is 23 years old and is studying at the Faculty of Medicine in the French city of Marseille, has distorted a surah from the Holy Qur’an and published it on her page on the social networking platform (Facebook) in 2019.

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Rabat airport security arrested the accused two weeks ago, despite the issuance of a search warrant by the security authorities in Marrakesh in 2019, but she had left the country.

The Public Prosecution included an indictment of the girl, which includes insulting the Islamic religion through publications, distributing and broadcasting them to the public through electronic, audio and visual means that fulfill the condition of publicity, and these acts are stipulated and punishable in the criminal law.

The accused had distorted Surat Al-Kawthar and published the distortion on her account on the social media platform under the name (Surat Al-Whey).

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