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On Monday afternoon, Tunisian security forces stormed Al Jazeera’s office in the Tunisian capital, and expelled all those who knew it, in a scene that embodies the state of the coup carried out by President Kais Saied against power.

This came after Qais Saeed’s supporters attacked the crowd in front of the parliament building in rejection of the president’s coup decisions to dismiss the government, dissolve parliament, and retain power.

Commenting on the storming of the channel’s office in Tunisia, Mohamed Moawad, the managing editor of Al-Jazeera, said in a tweet that was monitored by “Watan”. Why did the Tunisian security forces storm Al-Jazeera’s office in Tunisia? Once again, try to muzzle the press as the bear tries to climb the tree! The tree breaks and falls over his head!

Closing Al Jazeera office, a scenario similar to what happened in Egypt

The prominent Kuwaiti politician Nasser Al-Duwailah commented on the incident, saying: “The coup authorities in Tunisia are closing Al-Jazeera’s office and will not allow any news channels to cover the events, and the Internet will be cut off within an hour from now, and things are heading towards what Qais Saeed said that he will shoot heavy bullets, as you know in an article The Constitutional law “.

Clashes between supporters of Qais Saeed and opponents of his decisions

Supporters of the Tunisian president attacked the protesters by throwing stones at them, despite the peacefulness of Ennahda supporters and those who reject the coup, according to a video clip monitored by Watan.

Since the early hours of the morning, Tunisian Parliament Speaker Rached Ghannouchi has been carrying out a sit-in in front of Parliament in the capital, Tunis, after the army prevented him from entering the building.

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Meanwhile, supporters of Kais Saied are trying to prevent demonstrators and protesters from reaching the parliament building.

On Monday morning, the Tunisian presidency announced the imminent issuance of an order regulating “exceptional measures in the country”, during the coming hours.

The Tunisian presidency did not provide further details about the upcoming regulatory order.

On Sunday evening, Tunisian President Kais Saied turned against legitimacy by dissolving the parliament and dismissing the government, based on Article 80 of the constitution.

Tunisia rejects the coup

In a related context, supporters of the Tunisian Ennahda movement gathered in front of the parliament building on Monday morning, in rejection of the coup decision issued by the President of the Republic, Kais Saied, to dissolve parliament, dismiss the government, and monopolize all powers.

Parliament Speaker Rashid Ghannouchi arrived at his headquarters, while the army continues to close it.

Since the early morning hours, dozens of Ennahda supporters have gathered in front of the parliament building, amid a heavy security presence.

The demonstrators chanted for the restoration of democracy, saying that the time of coups was over after the Bouazizi revolution in 2011.

political rejection

The “Heart of Tunisia” bloc, the second largest bloc in Parliament, rejected Kais Saied’s coup against the constitution.

And she said in a statement that she adheres to the rule of law, and respects the democratic path, following up: “The decisions taken are a grave breach of the constitution, the provisions of Chapter 80 and the foundations of the civil state, and the consolidation of all powers in the hands of the President of the Republic, and the return of the Tunisian Republic to individual rule.”

The bloc called on the Assembly of the People’s Representatives to convene immediately, adding: “We call on the prime minister to assume his legitimate duties and to avoid creating a vacuum in the institution of the government’s presidency.”

In turn, the Democratic Current rejected Qais Said’s move, despite his attack on Al-Nahda and the government of Hisham Al-Mashishi, by holding them responsible for the legitimate popular tension, the social, economic and health crisis, and the blockage of the political horizon.

The current said in a statement: “We disagree with the interpretation of the President of the Republic of Article 80 of the Constitution, and we reject the decisions and procedures that resulted from it outside the constitution.”

He added, “We do not see a solution except within the framework of the constitution,” calling on the President of the Republic and all democratic and civil forces and national organizations to unite efforts to get the country out of the crisis by respecting democracy and human rights and resisting political corruption.

Fatwa prohibiting coup

In this context, the International Union of Muslim Scholars issued a fatwa prohibiting attacks on the “social contract” of the Tunisian Prime Time Zone.

The Secretary-General of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, Ali Mohieddine Al-Qaradaghi, announced on Monday his rejection of any “coup” in Tunisia.

Qara Daghi said: “We are against any coup, even if it is carried out by an Islamic group. Our legitimate position is clear,” adding: “Tunisia and its great Prime Time Zone are too big and conscious to be swallowed up by the revolutionaries and their supporters.”

“The President’s Treachery”

People’s Assembly representative from the Al-Karama Coalition, Yousry Al-Dali, described what Kais Saied had done as “a betrayal of all Tunisians.”

Al-Dali called on the Tunisian Prime Time Zone to rally around legitimacy, adding that Saied “was not aiming to gather all Tunisians, but his speech was a speech of sedition, in which there was a call and incitement against the Assembly of People’s Representatives, that is, against a part of the Tunisians who were elected.”

He added: “Today, Qais Saeed betrayed all Tunisians and the authority.”

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