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A tweet by the Saudi writer, Turki Al-Hamad, sparked a wave of controversy among the Saudis, especially after his attempts to appease the Emirati regime at the expense of Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi academic, Turki Al-Hamad, said in a tweet monitored by Watan, that it is an illusion to think that the rapprochement between the Kingdom and the Sultanate of Oman is against the alliance between the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Al-Hamad added: “Whoever thinks that the Saudi-Omani rapprochement is against the Saudi-Emirati alliance is delusional, Oman and the UAE are two eyes in one Saudi head,” he said.

And the Saudi academic added: “Do not let the treacherous have a chance to escape, especially the bad brothers, and those with interests who you know,” as he put it.

Turki Al-Hamad and Emirati insults

The pioneers of social networking sites responded to Turki Al-Hamad’s tweet, saying that he ignored the Emirati abuses of the Queen.

Bandar Mishaal said: “Abdul-Khaleq Wahahi and the government advisor and Al-Mazroui say that the interest in the kingdom’s trade and economy, they consider it envy to preserve the health of the citizen, conspiring to reject the fraudulent goods that are prohibited to be sold in the UAE, they consider it an infringement of their rights.”

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Mishaal added: “We have not seen you respond to them, but you are smart enough to avoid the citizens!!”.

Another asked: “Why do the Saudis, in their tweets, always fear the UAE and always try to justify the UAE?”

Omar Fawzan said: “Oman is a great country with a history, and the Emirates are nothing but Omani coasts, and the diversity of interests in it is better for what serves the two peoples, the Arab nation, its issues and rights.”

He continued: “I do not know, my friend, your adherence to the UAE as the best of friends. They said it. Our relationship with the Arabs is only interests, and the evidence is the rushing of the criminal Zionist occupier and normalization with it for free.”

While another said: “Constructive speech and ornate letters do not advance or delay. Everyone knows and you know that the UAE stands against our interests in many issues and bears us a lot for the sake of the Yemen file.”

He added: “Even in Yemen, I stood with the south against the north, and the rapprochement with Oman is to end the Yemen file by diplomatic means…. We drained enough.”

Bukhaled al-Kibsi said: “If the Saudi dispute with Qatar, which has a blood relationship, cousins ​​and one sect with the Saudi Prime Time Zone, had not been for us, we would not have heard this drumming and glorification!!!”

Al-Kibsi added: “The apparent Emirati dirham or the CD is a labor factor.”

Visit of Sultan Haitham bin Tariq

On Monday, the Sultan of Oman, Haitham bin Tariq, concluded a two-day visit to the city of NEOM in Saudi Arabia, where he met Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz and his Crown Prince, Prince Muhammad bin Salman, and the two sides reviewed “prospects for joint cooperation and ways to develop it in various fields.” According to the official Oman News Agency.

Saudi Arabia and Oman signed a memorandum of understanding regarding the establishment of a coordination council between the two countries headed by the two foreign ministers, and directed the concerned authorities to expedite the opening of the land road linking the Kingdom and the Sultanate, according to the agency.

The two sides concluded memorandums of understanding in all fields and affirmed their intention to “raise the pace” of economic cooperation between them to reach qualitative trade and investment exchanges that achieve the aspirations of the two peoples and contribute to achieving the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and Oman Vision 2040, according to the Omani Agency.

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