Turki Al-Sheikh is surprised by Inter Milan’s decision to dispense with coach Conte | A nation is tweeting out of tune


Saudi Turki Al-Sheikh expressed his surprise in his tweet on social media about the decision of the Italian Inter Milan management to dispense with the services of coach “Antonio Conte”, who recently went with his team in the “Calcio” League after many years of absence.

Turki Al-Sheikh and Coach Conti

The head of the General Entertainment Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Turki Al-Sheikh, owner of Spanish club Almeria, who plays in the second division of the league, wrote about the departure of Italian Antonio Conte.

“This is madness from Inter Milan,” he said. “Conte brought them the Italian league title after lean years. The coach is more important than any deal. ”

Inter Milan crisis

On Wednesday evening, the Inter Milan team announced, surprisingly and unprecedented, that the contract of its Italian coach Conte had been terminated by mutual consent.

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He was dismissed from coaching the team after a distinguished career for a two-year period, and ended with the crowning of the missing Italian league title since 2010.

This decision came a few days after the team was crowned the “Calcio”, due to the severe financial crisis that the club is going through, as it needs to bring about 80 million euros from selling a number of the team’s stars to balance its accounts.

Conte and Zidane’s succession

And many press reports indicated that it is expected that the administration of Real Madrid will sit with Italian coach Antonio Conte, to be the successor to the French coach Zinedine Zidane, who resigned from the royal team.

Italian league standings

Inter Milan is at the top of the Italian “Calcio” league with 91 points, and the rival neighbor, AC Milan, came with 79 points.

It is followed by Atalanta with 78 points, the same number with Juventus.

In fifth place, Napoli came one point ahead of Juventus, with 77 points, while Lazio’s team came sixth in the standings with 68 points.

The Italian team, Roma, came seventh in the standings with 62 points, tied with Sassuolo with the same points.

Sampdoria team ranked ninth with 52 points, and Hellas Verona came in tenth with 45 points.

Top scorers of the Italian League

Cristiano Ronaldo is the top scorer in the Italian league with Juventus, with 29 goals.

He was followed by the Belgian striker in the ranks of Inter Milan, Romelu Lukaku, with 24 goals, while Colombian striker Luis Muriel, the striker in the Atalanta team, came with 22 goals.

As for the third place, the Serbian striker Dusan Vlahovic came with the Fiorentina team with 21 goals, while the Italian striker Shiro Immobili, the player in the ranks of Lazio, came in fifth with 20 goals during the Italian League competitions.

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