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The head of the Saudi Entertainment Authority and a close advisor to the Crown Prince, Turki Al-Sheikh, announced that he had sustained a leg injury.

Turki Al Sheikh Adviser to Mohammed bin Salman

Al-Sheikh explained that he sustained a leg injury while playing volleyball.

And he wrote in a tweet on his official account on Twitter, which was monitored by (Watan), which read: (My leg is swollen from yesterday! This is the result of those who are enthusiastic about playing volleyball)

The head of the Saudi Entertainment Authority and close advisor to the Crown Prince, Turki Al-Sheikh, documented last November the moment of his arrival in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after a long treatment trip he spent outside the country against the backdrop of a major health crisis he was suffering from.

At the time, “Al Sheikh” published a video clip on his Twitter account, according to what “Watan” had spotted, as he prostrated thanks to him on the airport grounds the moment he arrived in Riyadh.

The head of the General Entertainment Authority in Saudi Arabia tweeted with the video: “Praise be to God, Riyadh.”

The return of Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh to Riyadh came after a long treatment trip that lasted more than 5 months in New York City, USA.

And Turki Al-Sheikh revealed earlier in an interview on “Twitter” for the first time the details of his health condition, which was accompanied by ambiguity during the past months, and he is currently receiving treatment from it in the United States.

Turki Al-Sheikh suffers from health problems

Al-Sheikh stated that in 2016 he discovered that he suffers from several health problems, but neglected them, and in 2018 he underwent five surgeries, but one of them was a medical error that he still suffers from until now.

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He continued, noting that he had undergone a surgery, which he described as “difficult”, and that he was “banned from eating for a period of 6 weeks,” adding that he also had “difficulty sleeping.”

And he added, “I entered due to this condition for a period of a kind of post-operative depression, and this is normal.”

He indicated in the interview on “Twitter” at the time that he was waiting for the doctors’ permission to board the plane and return to the Saudi capital, Riyadh.

Turki Al-Sheikh is the son of one of the most important families in the Kingdom after its founding, the “Al Sheikh” family, which is affiliated with Imam Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab, and many of its sons have been singled out for the position of fatwas in the kingdom for decades.

He was born in 1981 and graduated in 2000 from King Fahd Security College, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in security sciences, and he also received many courses in criminology, investigation, risk management and management.

Intermarriage was the door to his entry and closeness to the ruling family in the Kingdom, after he married the daughter of Nasser bin Abdulaziz Al-Dawood, the former deputy governor of Riyadh and the current king of Saudi Arabia, Salman bin Abdulaziz.

His father was also closely related to the ruling family in Saudi Arabia, as he was close to Prince Faisal bin Fahd and Sultan bin Fahd, meaning that he grew up in an atmosphere close to the corridors of power since his childhood.

He started his work in the Ministry of Interior with the rank of captain, in the office of the Minister of Defense and in the Diwan of the Crown Prince in 2015. In June 2017, he was appointed as an advisor to the royal court with the rank of minister, and then since December 2018, head of the General Entertainment Authority.

Why “Turki Al-Sheikh” as head of entertainment?

The year 2017 came to make a difference in the history of the Kingdom, since Ibn Salman assumed the mandate of the Covenant, and he has been striving to effect a complete Westernization that strikes the established Saudi values, which were among the most important pillars of its establishment, the “Al Sheikh” family.

The most important obstacles that will face “bin Salman” are that family and scholars who will stand in front of this intentional alienation. Therefore, “Bin Salman” resorted to one of the family members to lead this alienation, so that the intensity of criticism is less than within the family for these activities; Considering that the one responsible for it is one of them, and also because “Turki” will be the most knowledgeable person to deal with his family and its members, many of whom reject this alien plan.

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Therefore, “Bin Salman” relied on Turki Al-Sheikh, who is a descendant of Imam Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab, but he differs completely from his family’s religious orientation, so that the name “Al-Sheikh” is repeated with every concert, or a break between songs.

The limit did not stop at contaminating the name “Al-Sheikh” and its symbolism. Rather, it was baptized to the area of ​​“Al-Diriyah”, the center of his call, which was synonymous with the word Wahhabism, and bore its connotations, and they held singing concerts there, until the name of the region became associated with the Formula race, and the singing and dance activities that followed, after She was associated with Imam Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab and his calling!

The price of betrayal!

In return, “Bin Salman” lavished on “Turki” money with which he would do whatever he wanted: he buys sports clubs in Egypt and Spain, tamperes with the Saudi Prime Time Zone’s money without link or account, and masters in activities that destroy all that is original within the Saudi society amid full and unlimited support. From “Bin Salman” and the official state institutions.

Rather, it has reached the point of arresting anyone who dares to criticize the spoiled boy of “Bin Salman”, even if the sheikh of the Otaiba tribe was the largest of the tribes in the Kingdom, and even the artists and poets did not become Muslim as long as their tongues thought to spell the fake counselor or approach his loud activities.

And the matter came to that “Turki Al-Sheikh” is the one who orders, ends and issues arrest warrants himself, and disposes of the money as he pleases, and what he wants enters into the Saudi society without a watch or link to him except “Bin Salman”, who seems to be happy with the actions of his noble student.

Entertainment during the reign of “Bin Salman” and his student Najeeb “Al Al-Sheikh” became an obligation on every Saudi, who could not escape from it, otherwise he was accused of reactionary and threatened with arrest. Despite all these attempts, there remained a clear and frank criticism of the absurd behavior of “Al Sheikh”.

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