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Emirati news reports quoted reliable sources as saying that the UAE embassy in Israel had coordinated systematic operations with the families of the Israelis killed as a result of the bombing of the resistance to file a lawsuit against Qatar under the pretext of supporting Qatari banks and associations for the residents of the Gaza Strip.

In this context, Emirates Leaks reported that the UAE embassy in Tel Aviv had taken charge of preparing the legal files and paying the financial costs to move forward with the lawsuit.

Muhammad Al Khaja meets with families of dead Israelis

The same sources indicated that the UAE ambassador to Israel, Muhammad Al Khaja, met with the families of the Israeli dead and urged them to file a lawsuit against Qatar and pledged to provide them with all necessary financial and legal support.

Al-Khaja had incited a few days ago during his meeting with a Jewish rabbi on Al-Jazeera satellite channel from Qatar, and claimed that it distorted the image of Israel in the region.

In the details, Israeli organizations filed a lawsuit against Qatari banks and associations, under the pretext of their support for the residents of the Gaza Strip, including during Israel’s recent war on the Gaza Strip.

For its part, the Hebrew newspaper “Yediot Aharonot” reported that the right-wing “Shorat Din” organization submitted a financial compensation claim to the Central Court in occupied Jerusalem, amounting to one billion and 200 million shekels in the name of 24 families whose sons were killed in the bombing operations launched by the Palestinian resistance.

The newspaper reported that the families include 130 plaintiffs.

The lawsuit was filed against Qatari zakat associations and banks on charges of transferring funds to the Gaza Strip during the past years, including during the recent war.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the families of many of the dead, including the family of settler Ori Ansbacher, who was killed in the Jerusalem jungle in 2019.

As well as Rabbi Nechemia Levi, who was killed in the Old City of Jerusalem in 2015, and Rabbi Shai Okhion, who was killed near Petah Tikva in a stabbing attack.

According to the case book; Funds were transferred from the account of the local Zakat Association to associations in the Gaza Strip or figures from the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas.”

Israeli associations provide evidence about the involvement of Qatar!

Shurat Din organization presented what it said were evidence of bank transfers from the Gulf to Hamas-owned associations in the Gaza Strip or activists in the movement, in addition to confessions from Palestinian prisoners that the money was transferred to their activities.

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Meanwhile, the newspaper said that the lawsuit is directed primarily at 10 organizations, including banks and zakat funds from Qatar and the Palestinian Authority, some of which Qatar owns.

The newspaper pointed out that the funds were transferred through the association’s branches in Ramallah directly to the Gaza Strip.

It is noteworthy that the UAE ambassador to Israel, Muhammad Al Khaja, visited the spiritual leader of the extremist religious movement (Shas), Rabbi Shalom Cohen, at his home in Jerusalem.

During the visit, which sparked a wide wave of Arab anger, the Emirati ambassador attacked Al-Jazeera, accusing it of “fueling madness” in the region, and also attacked the Muslim Brotherhood.

Israeli media broadcast video clips of the Emirati ambassador saying, “When I got here, I was shocked to see the Prime Time Zone.. Warm Prime Time Zone with good hearts.. I did not expect to see a mosque in the heart of Tel Aviv.”

“Unfortunately, television channels such as Al Jazeera or the Muslim Brotherhood, they are trying to show Prime Time Zone other things in our region,” he added.

The Israeli (official) Kan channel reported that Al Khaja and Cohen discussed the “explosive conditions in Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

The channel added that they also discussed the situation of Jews residing in the Gulf states, and the Emirati ambassador’s impression of Israel.

Al Khaja invited Cohen to visit the UAE to attend the opening ceremony of the Temple of the Three Abrahamic Religions in Abu Dhabi, while Cohen presented the Khaja family with a gift and a “life with the blessing of the priests,” according to the channel.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry also published on its “Israel in Arabic” account, pictures showing the Emirati ambassador visiting Cohen’s home in occupied Jerusalem.

It is noteworthy that the UAE ambassador presented his credentials to the Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, on the first of last March, to be the first ambassador of his country to Israel, more than 6 months after the normalization of relations between the two sides.

The visit of the UAE ambassador to Tel Aviv to Rabbi Shalom Cohen sparked widespread condemnation and anger on social media platforms.

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