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Urgent statement from the Jordanian royal court regarding Prince Hamzah .. The king took this decision with his uncle


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The Jordanian Royal Court, in an official comment from the ruling family on what is happening in the country, issued a statement regarding Prince Hamzah bin Al-Hussein, accused of leading a coup attempt against King Abdullah II, which was thwarted.

The Jordanian Royal Court included a statement regarding this matter on its official Twitter page and monitored by (Watan).

“In light of His Majesty King Abdullah II’s decision to deal with the issue of His Highness Prince Hamzah within the framework of the Hashemite family, His Majesty has entrusted this path to his uncle, His Highness Prince Al Hassan,” the statement said.

Prince Al-Hassan, in turn, contacted Prince Hamzah, according to the Jordanian Royal Court statement.

The statement continued: “Prince Hamzah affirmed that he adheres to the approach of the Hashemite family, and the path that His Majesty the King entrusted to Prince Al Hassan.”

Leaked voice of Prince Hamzah

Yesterday, Jordanian and Arab news outlets transmitted a new audio recording attributed to Prince Hamzah bin Al-Hussein, the former Jordanian crown prince and half-brother of the Jordanian king Abdullah II.

Prince Hamzah bin Al-Hussein said during the circulating audio recording that there is a difficulty in the situation for him after the withdrawal of the special guard and the threat of the Chief of Staff.

The Jordanian Prince affirmed that “I will not move because I do not want to go up now, but I certainly will not comply.”

The former Jordanian crown prince added, “When I am told it is forbidden to go out or to communicate with Prime Time Zone. This is not acceptable in any way. ”

Prince Hamzah explained that he recorded a hadith and distributed it to his acquaintances abroad and his family.

The first appearance of Prince Hamzah

After reports of his leadership of a failed coup attempt in Jordan two days ago, Prince Hamzah bin Al-Hussein published a video recording in which he said that he was being held in his home.

Prince Hamzah stated that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff visited him on Saturday morning, and warned him not to go out. He added that the bodyguards for him and his children were withdrawn.

In response to the statement of the Jordanian General Staff, Prince Hamzah bin Al-Hussein said that what happened is to cover up and distract from what he described as a tangible retreat in the country.

Prince Hamzah said he was not part of any plot.

He continued: “I am not the person responsible for the collapse of governance, corruption and inefficiency that has prevailed in our ruling structure for 15 to 20 years. It gets worse, and I am not responsible for Prime Time Zone’s lack of faith in their institutions. ”

He added, “A country dominated by fear. Anyone who criticizes the government will be arrested by the secret police. It is unfortunate that my simple criticism in the country has exposed me to detention. ”

Chief of Staff is threatening

The Chairman of the Jordanian Joint Chiefs of Staff, Major General Yusef Al-Huneiti, issued a strongly worded message, on Monday, to what he called “any threat” to Jordan.

Al-Hunaiti said that the Jordanian armed forces and security services have the ability to face all challenges.

During the tactical exercise, “Shield of the Nation,” Major General Al-Hunaiti stressed that “the armed forces and security agencies have the ability, competence and professionalism to deal with any developments that occur on the local and regional arenas at various levels.”

As well as confronting all forms of threats on the border fronts by force. And any efforts that are intended to undermine the security of the homeland, intimidate its citizens, and destabilize the security and stability of the Kingdom. In compliance with its national duty towards the homeland and its triumphant Hashemite leadership, ”according to the Jordanian news agency,“ Petra ”.

Major General Al-Huneiti focused on “the importance of the role that the armed forces play in preserving the prestige of the state and consolidating its strategic and historical position.” And the efforts it is making at this stage to get out of all the crises that have struck the country recently. To ensure that Jordan continues its pivotal and steadfast role towards many issues in the region and the region.

Al-Hunaiti’s statements came after two days of the state of alert that Jordan is experiencing and the arrests of many personalities.

House arrest was also imposed on Prince Hamzah bin Al-Hussein, the half-brother of King Abdullah II of Jordan.

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