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Video: Messi complains: “The referee wants to give me a yellow card … I don’t believe this.” A nation is tweeting out of tune


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Argentine star Lionel Messi, 33, complained. The captain of the Barcelona team, at the break between the events of the first and second half. In front of his rival Valladolid. In the 29th week of the current Spanish League, LaLiga.

Messi’s complaint

The Spanish newspaper “Marca” also revealed, in a news published today, Tuesday, about Messi’s complaint, saying to Barcelona’s executive director, “Carles Naval,” at the end of the first half. He said: “The referee wants to give me a yellow card in the match. I do not believe this”.

Let’s director, Naval, have enough. Putting his hand on the shoulder of the player Messi. While the player is out of the field. And who failed to score any of the goals against the opposing guest Valladolid, and a goalless draw between the two teams.

I also caught the lenses of Lionel Messi talking to the CEO of Barcelona, ​​Spain. He complains in a quick video of the verdict clearly.

Absence from El Clasico

That match was a test for Lionel Messi. Who was threatened with absence in the event of his opponent Valladolid. On the yellow card.

By the absence of the fiery El Clásico, which he will bring with his arch-rivals Real Madrid, Spain, on the evening of next Saturday, the 10 th of next April.

Flea Messi stimulation

The camera lens also captured the Argentine player, “Lionel Messi”. He speaks to his colleagues between the first and second halves. It motivates players in order to win the game.

The Spanish newspaper revealed. The player Messi told the players: “We have to be faster in everything. We must win that match no matter what it takes from us. ”

Barcelona win in the last minute

The match also witnessed strong competition between the two teams throughout the match. Amidst the control of the away team, Valladolid, who performed well against Barcelona, ​​Spain.

To succeed the French sniper in the last minute of the match, “Osman Dembele”. Who scored the goal against rival Valladolid. He kidnapped the three important points of the team. In order to reduce the difference to leaders Atletico Madrid to one point, after the latter stumbled against Seville with a clean goal without a response.

As the conflict intensifies for the top of the Spanish league standings among the top three, it flares up again. In the midst of Barcelona’s preparations for the 30th round of the Premier League match against Real Madrid, “El Clasico”. In the fiery match between the two teams.

La Liga top scorer

He is also the top scorer in the Spanish League this season 2020-2021, the Argentine player in Barcelona’s Spanish team Lionel Messi with 23 goals.

While his former Uruguayan teammate in Barcelona, ​​Luis Suarez, who plays for Atletico Madrid, has scored 19 goals. Equal to Villarreal’s Gerard Moreno, with the same goal tally.

One goal difference from third-placed French player Karim Benzema, the striker in the ranks of Real Madrid, Spain, with 18 goals.

Moroccan player Youssef Nassiri also scored 15 goals with the Spanish team, Sevilla. In fifth place in the Spanish League standings for the current season.

La Liga

The Spanish league standings witnessed intense competition and tightening the screws on the leaders who were threatened in the upcoming matches by losing their lead, and he was at the top of the standings. Atletico Madrid, with 66 points.

Barcelona is also in second place after Al Shaq’s victory against rival Valladolid, with a clean goal of 65 points, reducing the difference to one point.

While Real Madrid came in third in the Spanish League with 63 points, to succeed in reducing the difference with the leaders to 3 points for leaders Atletico Madrid. And two points difference with their arch-rivals Barcelona, ​​ahead of the next Clasico date between them.

The conflict between the first-placed holders remains unresolved. In the Spanish League standings. After being alone for the last time the Atletico Madrid team. But he faltered by losing and drawing with the rival teams recently.

Seville and Real Sociedad in the league

While it came in fourth place. The retreating team of Seville comes in the competition this season, after its success in a 2-0 victory over Elche in the postponed match and a draw with its host Valladolid, with a score of 58 points in the table.

And in fifth place in the order, Real Betis, with 46 points, equal to the sixth-place holder, comes Varela with the same points.

Real Sociedad came in seventh place, one point behind in the ranking table, with 45 points. The Spanish team Celta Vigo came in eighth place with 37 points. The Granada team also came by one point, in ninth place with 36 points.

Levante is ranked 10th in the Spanish Premier League. Equal to the same points with Athletic Bilbao, with a score of 35 points.

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