Video of how an American officer shot a teenager in Chicago | A nation is tweeting out of tune


Chicago city police revealed new details about the shooting of a 13-year-old boy in a dark alley. By publishing a video of these moments.

Chicago and Adam Toledo

The video of a personal camera shows the officer shouting “throw him”, before Adam Toledo was shot once in the chest on March 29.

It does not appear that the boy was carrying a weapon in the split second during which he was shot, but the video shows policemen discovering a pistol near where it fell.

And the city mayor called, before the footage was released, to remain calm, as the accident occurred before Don Wright was shot dead by police. On April 11th, by a policewoman in a Minneapolis suburb.

Violent protests in Chicago

The incident sparked violent protests, as the city awaits the outcome of the trial of Derek Chauvin, the officer accused of killing a black man. Another is George Floyd last year.

The clip shows the officer jumping out of his squad’s car and chasing the Latino boy on foot, in a dark alleyway while. Another suspect is being dealt with.

No weapon appears while the boy turns with his hands up. After 19 seconds, the officer yelled, “Throw it up” and fires his weapon. From getting out of his squad’s car.

Separate surveillance camera footage shows the teenager throwing something through a hole in the fence, as the policeman runs towards him.

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Selfie camera footage also shows policemen highlighting a pistol behind the wooden fence after the shooting.

The officer called an ambulance while urging the fallen boy to “stay awake.”

Other policemen arrive at the scene of the accident in the Little Village neighborhood, on the western side of the city, and CPR is performed for the injured boy.

Public Prosecution

According to prosecutors, the teen was accompanied by a 21-year-old man, Robin Roman, who had just shot a passing car. The shooting prompted the police to rush to the area, which led to a bloody confrontation.

Roman appeared in court on Saturday, accused of unlawful use of a weapon, reckless shooting and endangerment of children. According to local media reports.

The Civil Police Accountability Office released video camera footage on Thursday, along with a TV video and arrest reports. And audio recordings of the shooting in the area, which had aroused police attention.

What is the reaction?

Shortly before the video was released, Chicago Mayor Laurie Lightfoot gave a press conference, describing the footage as “painful”.

Simply put, Adam failed us … we cannot fail another young man in our city.

Mayor Lightfoot urged the public to remain calm so that the council can complete its investigation.

“We live in a city that has been traumatized by a long history of police violence and misconduct,” the mayor said.

“So, while we don’t have enough information to be the judge and jury in this particular situation,” he added. It is certainly understandable why many of our residents feel that every wave of anger and pain is so familiar. ”

She also pleaded with the Toledo family to remain calm.

“We have heard reports in the media about planning more protests, and while we do not have first-hand knowledge,” she said in a statement. With such events ”.

And she continued, “We pray to God for the sake of our city, for Prime Time Zone to remain peaceful in memory of Adam, and to work constructively to promote reform.”

The policeman who fired the fatal bullet was not formally charged with any wrongdoing.

This man previously served in the military and is 34 years old, and joined the Chicago Police in 2015, and there are no complaints on his record. According to the Chicago Sun-Times.

The newspaper also reported that the Chicago Police Department was on alert for possible retaliation from the policeman, because the area where Adam Toledo was killed. It is a stronghold of the Latin Kings gang.

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