Video: The new Barcelona president harasses a minor girl, and his opponents are taking advantage of the opportunity A nation is tweeting out of tune


Activists circulated on social media, a video of the winning candidate in the 2021 Barcelona presidential elections. Juan Laporta. It appears he is taking a photo with a girl and holding her from the back from her back. To cause a fuss after that.

And the candidate Laporta was gone after he took that picture with the girl. To the election polls inside the Campino stadium, as requested by that girl while he was taking the photo with the new Barcelona president. Job inside the club.

Laporta replied to the girl

The new Barcelona president has brought Laporta. After he moved away from it a little, saying: “When you reach the age of 18 years. call me”.

Take advantage of the opportunity

He also tried his opponent in the elections for the presidency of Barcelona club and the Spanish businessman “Victor Font”. Which was able to get 29.99% after counting the final results of the votes. From provoking the scandal, he commented: “We strongly condemn all sexual positions.”

sexual harassment

While human rights activists said that the situation that took place between the new Barcelona president Laporta and the minor girl. It represents a flagrant violation of social laws. As the girl is a minor, and that has also entered into the realm of sexual harassment of a minor, inferred by the way of holding him strong from behind and talking to her.

Laporta supporters responded

Supporters of the new president of FC Barcelona Laporta have commented. On that, he said: “It is just a joke. And that the candidate Laporta has taken nearly 4 thousand pictures with fans and fans of the Spanish team Barcelona “voters”. Inside the Campino stadium. During the course of the electoral process ”.

Laporta campaign head

He also denied the head of the Laporta campaign, “Elena Fort.” The validity of what is circulating on social media. During a press interview with him on the famous Radio Catalonia ”. He said, “The video was dubbed and was taken out of context.”

And she added, “The girl with whom Laporta took the photo during his election campaign. You were not as minor as is being said. She is a girl over 18 years old.

But her mother asked the new president of Barcelona. Provide work for her. And her daughter joined the women’s football within the Spanish team Barcelona. To Laporta answered: “When you are 18, call me.”

Counter novel

In the same context, the Spanish newspaper “Sport” published an interview with the girl with whom Laporta took the photo. Which appeared in the video.

It turns out that it is not deficient. She is 30 years old, and that the misunderstanding between Laporta and the girl caused confusion among activists on social media.

The Spanish artist, Marta, said: “I, who appeared in the video with Laporta, is 30 years old, and my aunt always calls me the word girl. She also asked Barcelona’s president, Juan Laporta, to take a picture with him. “Long live Barcelona,” he concluded.

Election results

The final proportions resulted in elections for the administration of Barcelona, ​​Spain. After the decision to postpone it, which is scheduled to take place at the end of last January. After a decision by the government authorities in the country.

Due to the outbreak of the Corona epidemic in the surrounding areas and the imposition of a curfew to combat the virus. To be held yesterday, the eighth of March. Amid strict preventive measures from the epidemic.

The lawyer, candidate, “Juan Laporta,” the former president in the elections, received 54.28% of the vote. His rival, the Spanish businessman, “Victor Font”, got 29.99% after the final vote was counted.

While the third competitor, the Spanish businessman, “Tony Fresca”, gets the lowest percentage in the vote of 8.58%. After the final vote count was completed last night.

A win conference

He drew the new Barcelona president Laporta. Thanks to all members who participated in this election. Which was the most important in our history because of the epidemic that changed our lives. He also thanked the Board of Directors, the electoral council, the polling committee and the elected representatives.

Laporta added: “Today was a celebration of democracy and Barca. Let me thank everyone who has supported us in this campaign. The longest in the history of our club ”.

Convince Lionel Messi

He continued his speech by Laporta in his first conference after winning the presidential elections to manage Barcelona, ​​saying: “We will encourage Messi to continue in Barcelona. This is what we all want. We can overcome all the obstacles we face. We will achieve all the goals that we set for ourselves. ”

The Argentine star, Lionel Messi’s 33-year contract, is due to expire. His contract with the Spanish team Barcelona. Last June.

That is, with the end of the current season. And open the summer transfer market for players. Will the new president succeed in keeping Messi in the team ?!

The new Spanish president, Juan Laporta, added, “I will call Messi today to convince him to stay with Barcelona. And not to think or leave the club next summer ”.

The voting process

The process of voting for the presidential elections also began in the Spanish team Barcelona. At nine o’clock today in the morning. Spain country time. The elections will continue until this evening, when the results of the new Barcelona president will be announced. After midnight of the same day.

Competing candidates

And competing for the presidency of the Barcelona team, are Spanish businessman Tony Fricha, businessman Victor Font, and lawyer Juan Laporta, as most of the candidates have pledged, in order to keep.

And persuade Argentine star Lionel Messi within the Spanish team Barcelona. Although his contract with the team will expire in June of this year. Many European clubs are looking for the player’s services.

Barcelona are in second place in the Spanish Premier League table. Behind leaders Atlético de Madrid, who sits at the top of the standings. Two points difference, with a score of 56 points. And a difference of two points with arch-rivals Real Madrid.

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