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“Virginity examination” raises controversy in Morocco … Live testimonies of Moroccan women on “certificate of preservation of honor” | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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Publish site “Berth 22“Press material about the virginity test that girls are subjected to in Morocco, shortly before the conclusion of their marriage. What sparked a state of controversy among activists on this matter.

The report spoke about the experience of a girl named “Nadia”, who described what she was subjected to as the rape of her soul, a few days before her wedding.

Live testimonials

Nadia, twenty-five years old, confirmed that before her marriage, her groom’s mother stipulated that virginity be examined by a doctor. Perhaps the girl went with her older brother to the clinic of a doctor in the city of Beni Mellal, central Morocco, to conduct this examination.

Nadia confirmed during her conversation that the doctor examined her before giving her a certificate proving that she “preserved her honor” was a murder for her.

And she continued, “The witness to it was my older brother, as he was the one who accompanied me to the ill-fated clinic, in which they treated me as if I were goods subject to inspection before completing the purchase.”

Like Nadia, thousands of Moroccan girls who are about to marry suffer from this, as this certificate of virginity is not, although it is not. Among the basic documents required to complete the marriage contract.

However, it is often requested by the groom’s family, in order to ensure the integrity of the hymen, and the girls’ families agree to it in order for their daughters to marry. The report says.

This prompted the “alternative movement for individual freedoms in Morocco”, known as “Mali”, to divorce a campaign to oppose the “virginity test” widespread among conservative families, asserting that it is “humiliating and insulting to women.”

On the subject, Ibtisam Lachkar, spokesperson for the Mali movement, said that many Moroccans still associate women’s honor with a blood stain.

Follow up that “not to bleed them may endanger their lives and physical and verbal abuse, social ostracism, divorce, rape, honor crimes and suicide.”

The feminist activist explains that bed sheets have been used for hundreds of years to examine virginity in a traditional way, during the wedding night. Therefore, the movement used sheets in their campaign to “uncover the truth about the myth of the hymen and confront this degrading and degrading tradition for women.”

The “Mali” campaign, which launched on February 14, included an unrealistic sale of white bed sheets via the Eltroni website. Titled Traditional Virgin Test.

When entering the site and clicking on the option to buy, the visitor is converted to testimonies by women, telling stories of suffering. With this practice, the campaign called “reactionary”.

Hymen examination on holidays

On this subject, a Moroccan girl spoke on behalf of Khadija, who is studying at a university far from her family’s home, in a second governorate.

Khadija explains that every university vacation, takes place Check her virginityWhich made it a hell of her.

“After a bitter struggle and argument with my father, who used to work in the police, he agreed to study. In Marrakesh because the city we were living in did not have a university in it at the time. But his condition was that I submit to a virginity check every holiday. ”

The Moroccan girl added: “His condition shocked me at first. I thought about suicide or running, but decided instead. To complete my studies and self-investigate, so I agreed to his condition and was subjected to an examination every vacation by a doctor who had an old friendship with my father. The doctor was surprised, but he never said a word.

The girl continued, “I was feeling humiliated while waiting for my turn in the doctor’s office. Although I did not have sex during my studies, I would ask myself every time what would my father’s reaction be if the doctor told him that your daughter is not a virgin. ”

Khadija, who became a lawyer attending immigration to Canada, added: “I could not get married even though I was 37 years old because of. The psychological effects of my constant examination by the doctor, and the nurse’s phrase that she uttered disgusted before the examination, “Lay your pants off” (take off your pants). She still rings in my ears, and I will never forgive my father. ”

Commenting on the Mali movement, Khadija said: “Of course I support her and the doctors should stop conducting these tests. Insulted as long as the girl does not accept her. Our families may be ignorant, but I think that doctors are educated and their duty is to educate Prime Time Zone and take care of their physical and psychological safety. ”

The clinic has at least two daily checks

Obstetrician and gynecologist Basma al-Kobiti confirms to Raseef22 that she is conducting two examinations in her private clinic in the Moroccan capital, Rabat. Approximately in one day, she explains briefly: “The lady is stretched and the vagina is examined without pain and does not take long.” Although the Moroccan doctor refuses to comment on the Mali movement’s campaign. She demands the need to change mentalities in Morocco “so that a woman’s honor and reputation is not linked to the hymen.”

On the other hand, the organizers of the campaign against the tradition of virginity testing confirm through the website dedicated to the campaign. “There is no scientific evidence to confirm the virginity of the woman” and that “a study (whose details were not mentioned) conducted in 2004 on 36 pregnant women showed the integrity of the hymen in 34 of them. It also recorded that “only 50 percent of women bleed during or after their first sexual relationship.”

In a statement to Raseef22, Doctor Abd al-Rahim Ahizoun (General Medicine) considered that the belief that the hymen is subject to examination is a false idea. He explained: “Many Prime Time Zone think that the hymen covers the vaginal opening, but most studies have proven that in a number of cases it covers only the sides. It can be torn or stretched during sex or some sporting activities.

Serious psychological effects

In this context, psychologist Khaled Attash said that virginity testing can have “severe” psychological effects. Especially among girls who reject the idea in the first place, because for many of them it is a “pre-accusation or moral judgment.”

The psychologist added, in his discussion on the topic: “It can result in anxiety, depression, or suicide in many cases. It may also lead to fear of sexual relations, because sometimes the examination is done using two fingers, which leaves some women with pain.

Attash recounted the story of a girl he knew in a Moroccan city, who “tried to commit suicide because of a virginity test. She did not agree to it and succumbed to it after her grandmother forced her into it in a traditional way. This left her with a deep impact that almost led to her life, and she is still trying to get rid of it.

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