Wael Kfoury’s ex-wife attacks a Lebanese journalist: “You left the country’s problems, but how did you get pregnant?” | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


Angela Bishara, the ex-wife of the Lebanese artist Wael Kfoury, attacked her media compatriot Nasreen Zawahira, who claimed that Angela was pregnant with her daughter before marriage.

(But how did you get pregnant?)

Angela accused Nasreen of seeking trends and increasing viewership with what she says on her program (Fell).

Through the Instagram feature, Angela wrote: (Oh Prime Time Zone, how do you understand? You want observations and scoops to understand, but what do we conclude?).

Wael Kfoury’s ex-wife continued: (It is disgusting to leave the country’s problems, but how did I get pregnant, what hour, what day, what minute, and before or after marriage, Anjad is finished, so they solve me! What is wrong with me?).

(Their daughters are forbidden, not their fault)

This came after Nisreen Zawahira responded to the circulating news of the pregnancy of the ex-wife Wael Kfoury with her child, Michel, before marriage, describing these behaviors as disgusting, unprofessional and immoral.

Nasreen hinted that Angela was the one who deliberately promoted this offensive news herself, and said: (Their daughters are forbidden, not their fault).

Angela addressed her speech directly to Nasreen, saying: (When I searched for your name on Google, I understood what kind of person you are. Sick).


Angela republished an article about Nisreen Zawahira’s mistreatment of her domestic worker, and stated: (A great uproar has been raised recently about the media, Nisreen Zawahira, due to the accusation of an association called This Is Lebanon of mistreatment of her domestic worker).

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Haifa Wehbe Nisreen: A failure and a traitor

And the article continued: (The association stated in tweets posted on its own account “on Twitter” that the presenter did not pay the latter her dues, that she does not allow her to communicate with her family, prevents her from traveling and has kept her at home for months).

Angela did not stop there, but shared an old tweet by Haifa Wehbe, which she had last directed to Nasreen Zawahira.

Its text reads: (You, your program, and your whole family have become my sermon. Without origin, unsuccessful and treacherous).


Nisreen Zawahira was criticized for speaking about the matter, so in the comments: (The press is a conscience before it becomes a pen).

And another wrote: (The one who spread the news is known to who…… Why are you accusing the creature of being forbidden to you…. Someone is spreading rumors about his honor and the honor of his children….. the amount of stupidity).

And a follow-up said: (And you, Yassin Qdeish, your question is stupid and you don’t differentiate from the one who spread the news… From all your mind, an educated woman who loves her daughters seems to be promoting such news???).

The media, Jumana Haddad, commented in her response to Nisreen: (Apart from the disgust of the Prime Time Zone who released such news or those interested in it, it should not be wrong that any woman gets pregnant before marriage (or without marriage if she wants), and the child or girl resulting from such a relationship must feel We are either wrong or wrong.Every person is free in his sexual life and in his body / A. If we do not become a society that holds a head from among the thighs of others, and then we do not become a country that gives human dignity, every person, priority).

Angela welcomes cohabitation before marriage

And Angela Bishara had cried on the air in her first media appearance, when she talked about her suffering after her divorce.

Angela Bishara was also affected when she began reading messages from her two daughters, Michelle and Milan, on the occasion of Mother’s Day and received a surprise from them, stressing that they are the holiday for her and that she draws her strength from them because they are the center of her life and she sacrifices every second for them.

Angela Bishara spoke during her interview on Al-Jadeed channel about her personal life and the suffering she was subjected to, and said: (Experiencing life and living with a famous person is difficult, and the courts are unjust when a mother is deprived of her children, and she does not speak the truth).

Angela indicated at the time that she was not at all disturbed by the fact that she was divorced by Wael Kfoury, especially that this did not cancel her personality and presence in life, as she put it.

Angela Bishara: Society is patriarchal

And Angela Bishara revealed that she accepts the idea of ​​cohabitation before marriage, provided that it is between the stage of courtship and marriage, because she went through this stage for a year.

Wael Kfoury’s ex-wife admitted that she was jealous of him, stressing that he was also jealous, adding: (It is difficult to live with a famous person, but marriage is the highest institution in life, the fruit of which is children, continuity and partnership between them).

Angela Bishara described the society as patriarchal, and said: (What happens in the courts is the case of a number of mothers in our patriarchal society, and the Lebanese MP Hadi Hobeish, Wael Kfoury’s private lawyer, sided with one party at the expense of the other when the divorce proceedings began.

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Angela expressed her shock and annoyance at the behavior of her media compatriot, Rima Njeim, and the way she announced the news of her divorce.

Regarding her dispute with the Lebanese media, Nidal Al-Ahmadiyya, Angela confirmed that it was a personal dispute, and said that she contacted her and asked her not to publish any incorrect news, explaining that the Ahmadiyya accepted the matter reluctantly, but she was surprised the next day that they spoke badly about her family.

And she continued: (The attack of Nidal al-Ahmadiyya no longer bothers me, so speak up until you are satiated).

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