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Activists on social media in Jordan and the Arab world launched a wide campaign against Wafaa Al-Khadra, a member of the Committee for the Modernization of the Political System in Jordan, after her statements sparked controversy in which she challenged the ritual of sacrifice in Islam, considering that slaughtering sacrifices is a “rite that lacks mercy and compassion.”

Wafaa Al-Khadra had written, on Wednesday, in a post on her Facebook, which stated: “The feast is worth celebrating when we create a form of life or save it from tampering and the chaos of survival.”

And she added, “and not necessarily when we kidnap or exterminate a life and sacrifice it because of rituals that lack mercy and compassion.”

And she added in the post, which she later deleted, due to the widespread criticism of her: “The slaughter of sheep and the offering of the sacrifice is not justified, and Islam is innocent of this ritual in an era in which living contexts have changed, concepts of ecological balance, human rights rituals and the environmental contract.”

Wafaa Al-Khadra’s dismissal

Wafaa Al-Khadra’s publication caused a sensation and a wave of anger among Jordanians and Arabs, topping the hashtag entitled “The dismissal of Wafaa Al-Khadra”, the most popular list on Twitter in Jordan.

An activist in the name of Sirin wrote through the hashtag: “Brothers, wake up, your money? A week has passed for you to tweet for Eid al-Adha, are you not able to tweet about insulting your religion?! Wafaa Khadra must be held accountable for her words.”

While Tariq Suleiman Abu Tayeh mocked her: “Rest assured, you lean cow, you will not be a sacrifice one day, because God is good and accepts only good.”

Wafaa Al-Khadra attacked Dr. Basil Mansour through the hashtag and wrote: “Whoever does not like our religion and the constitution of our country and attacks our laws, we also do not want him.”

While lawyers pledged to go to the judiciary and file a case against a member of the Royal Committee. Wafaa Al-Khadra, on charges of insulting and mocking religious beliefs through a publication for which Jordanian law will be held accountable.”

Who is Wafaa Al-Khadra?

It is noteworthy that Wafaa Al-Khadra is a member of the Committee to Modernize the Political System in Jordan, which was formed on the tenth of last June, by royal order.

The task of this committee includes drafting two new laws for elections and parties, and examining constitutional amendments that are legally related to the two laws and parliamentary work mechanisms.

As well as providing recommendations related to the development of legislation regulating local administration, and expanding the base of participation in decision-making.

Wafaa Al-Khadra responds

In her first response after the uproar, Wafaa Al-Khadra said that she did not mean in her talk about sacrifices what was transmitted on her tongue and taken out of context.

Al-Khadra explained in a telephone conversation with the website of the “Roya” channel, that what was reported on her tongue deviated from its intended meaning in the subject of sacrifice, which is one of the rituals of the true religion that we practice on every Eid Al-Adha Mubarak.

She added: “God forbid that any of us question the importance of these rituals and the noble goals they achieve, religiously out of duty and lessons learned, and socially out of solidarity.”

Emphasizing that this position does not differ from any Muslim who is proud of his religion and defends it.

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She pointed out that what she said about some of the practices carried out by some in the way of slaughtering and dealing with sacrifices, which do not take into account the well-known legal principles based on compassion and quick and painless slaughter and in the places designated for that.

She emphasized, “All I mean here as a constructive proposal to serve our true religion, and for our customs to be derived from the greatness and sophistication of Islam, is to take into account the sound foundations of sacrificing sacrifices and to be regulated by the state so that it achieves the desired goal on the one hand and gives the bright image of Islam that we all want on the other hand.” .

“Not the negative image that results from the wrong and cruel practices of some, which reach the level of torture for sacrifices, which provokes panic among some children and may transmit infection to some of them through touching blood, polluting the environment and disrupting its balance when it is not implemented on its assets and in the health places designated for it, which they publish in the means of communication Social distancing is repulsive and unacceptable in any way, causing damage and distortion to our religion and culture, which we do not accept.”

Wafaa Al-Khadra continued: “This is our religious duty, which requires all of us to confront such wrong and abusive practices. I take this opportunity to suggest to the concerned authorities in the state, those in charge of religious institutions, and all those who are zealous about our true religion, to deal with the slaughter of sacrifices in the manner dictated by Sharia and in the designated places and in the right ways.

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