Wafaa Saqr.. The first Saudi haircut provokes widespread controversy with her profession for men only! | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


Under the hashtag (the first Saudi haircut), the young Saudi woman, Wafaa Saqr, topped the trend in the Kingdom, after circulating a video of her cutting the hair of a small child.

The first Saudi haircut

Wafaa Saqr revealed the story of her practice of the profession mostly restricted to men in her country, saying: (I started the barber profession two years ago, and my mother is proud of my profession).

And the first Saudi haircut, in an interview with her citizen (Snapchat) star Abdul Rahman Al-Mutairi, added: (I am good at shaving children’s hair and dealing with them even if they are very young, and I myself choose a haircut that suits each child’s hair type).

Wafa, who appeared in the video while holding an electric shaver, and executing a story for one of the children, indicated that she works from home, and hopes to have a private shop in the future, stressing that she seeks to implement the matter.

Dealing with all children

The work of the first Saudi hairdresser is not limited to shaving children’s hair with the latest cuts, but also works on the manufacture of natural hair dyes, noting that it is always keen to develop itself and follows the latest cuts on the famous video site (YouTube).

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Wafa appeared in another video, cutting the hair of a young child who was sleeping at the hands of his mother, confirming in an interview with the (My Lady) program on Rotana Gulf, that she can deal with all children, including those with special needs.

The first Saudi barber revealed that she was working in a barber shop before it was closed due to the expiry of the license, which made her continue to work from home.

Controversy among the tweeters

The reactions of the tweeters about the first Saudi haircut varied, between supporters of the idea, and others opposed.

In the comments, what was written by activist Muhammad al-Shaibani: (God bless her in advance, but where is the talent in the whole subject? I felt that shaving was an invention of engineer Alfred Nobel. The great media exaggeration and the falsification of financial gain makes simple things the focus of Prime Time Zone’s attention and ridicule by the advertiser for propaganda).

And she agreed with him, tweeting in the name of Salma, and wrote: (By God, I do not see pride in the subject, on the contrary, I see a place and a job title that suits a girl, but as long as it is a halal job, and I can’t help but say, good luck and God bless her).

Another wrote: (The dignity of the Saudi woman is preserved in her home, as we knew her from the progress of history.

Another saw that Wafaa Saqr imitated the West, and wrote: (And where is the pride in the woman’s intrusion into a profession that is not worthy of her!!? Glory be to God! Islam cherishes women and they are looking for their humiliation by imitating the infidels!).

Another ridiculed considering Wafaa Saqr as a unique talent, and wrote: (The handicraft works are many, including carpentry, blacksmithing, and butchery… as well as shaving, ordinary craftsmanship, once practiced, and the degree of mastery varies among craftsmen. But if a woman does it, she becomes a talent!!).

While one of them responded to the opponents by saying: (Millions of women in the Kingdom are off work, and with the increase in numbers and opportunities for women’s empowerment, it is not possible for all these numbers to obtain high positions due to lack of experience and because some of them did not study and worked as a sweet children’s hairdresser. Women over themselves and destroy those who control them.).

Women serving coffee

Since the Saudi monarch, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, took over the reins of power in the Kingdom, the country has witnessed very significant developments and changes in social conditions, which supported a number of laws that destroyed many conservative Saudi customs and traditions for which the Kingdom was famous for decades.

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A video clip that activists described as shocking has spread on social media, of a group of women appearing serving guests and serving coffee in an apparently official meeting.

The widely circulated clip shows women standing in the middle of a large meeting hall in which a large number of men are present, holding coffee and hospitality trays, in a scene considered by the Saudis to be an insult to women.

Jeddah Women’s League!

The video caused a wave of anger among Saudis, considering this a major violation of customs and traditions, as it is known to the Saudis that women do not serve men, and they consider this a lack of chivalry.

The Jeddah Women’s Football League was launched two years ago, which lasted 10 weeks at the time.

The International Football Association announced, through its official account on “Twitter” at the time, that the Jeddah Women’s League was launched today, with the participation of 6 local teams, and each of the participating teams represented 16 players, while each team was allowed to register a maximum of 25 players.

The news sparked a wide wave of controversy among Saudis on Twitter, and the hashtag “#Jeddah_Women_League” topped the list of the most popular hashtags on the Kingdom’s Twitter at the time, and the Saudis expressed their anger at this matter, which violates the customs and traditions of Saudi society.

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