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Warning against Dahlan and Nusseibeh entering the Legislative Council to implement Emirati-Israeli plans in occupied Jerusalem A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The Jerusalem International Foundation issued a warning against the followers of the United Arab Emirates entering the Palestinian Legislative Council under the list of the dismissed leader from Fatah Muhammad Dahlan, in order to control the scene in the occupied city of Jerusalem.

Sri Nusseibeh and Mohammed Dahlan

The founder concerned with the status of Jerusalem said in a statement issued by it that “with the completion of the lists submitted for the Palestinian Legislative Council elections. After his failed attempt to form a list under the name “Jerusalem First”, Palestinian academic Sari Nusseibeh was forced to reveal his open bias. He was the second candidate on Muhammad Dahlan’s list of hope and future.

The foundation explained that this means that if the Palestinian elections take place next May, it is expected that it will succeed.

The role assigned to them by Emirati financing

The Foundation warned that Nusseibeh “will continue his role in Jerusalem backed by Emirati funding and the official website in which he establishes” agency authority “in a context. “Abraham agreement” to strike and subjugate its popular pulse.

The Foundation pointed out that The election The Palestinian Authority is considered an option in order to get out of the political and geographical division that afflicts Gaza and the West Bank.

The foundation added in its statement that it is now clear that it is threatening a tripartite division to add Jerusalem as a soft area for Emirati influence to provide. It contains security, political and religious services for the Zionists, according to the Abraham Agreement, through the Dahlan-Nusseibeh binary.

The Foundation also called on all Palestinian factions and forces to thwart this attempt and topple it, and to isolate Nusseibeh and his political line identical to the Abraham Agreement.

Which it considered that “would not have posed the slightest danger if the elections were conducted on the basis of regional electoral districts.

Jerusalem cannot elect who was writing a document with Ami Ayalon in 2002 while it was providing convoys of martyrs, wounded and prisoners. During the Al-Aqsa intifada.

And the Foundation continued during its statement that the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the city of Jerusalem, “were a central axis of the notoriously mentioned Abraham Agreement.” What was announced by US President Donald Trump between the Emirates and the Zionists. ”

The Foundation also pointed out that it was re-defining Al-Aqsa on the “Zionist analogy” as being the only tribal mosque, and defining its squares as being. A common space for all religions, allowing them to pray in it, and recognizing full Zionist sovereignty over Al-Aqsa, clauses stipulated in the agreement.

The Foundation concerned with the affairs of holy sites in occupied Jerusalem stressed that the UAE has worked to achieve this vision with Israel.

An Israeli vision realized by the Emirates

And that was through security delegations that stormed Al-Aqsa in October 2020. Others celebrated the biblical “Day of Lights” on the rabbis’ platform. In Al-Buraq Square in December of last year as well.

She also continued with the text: “With this agreement and behavior, and the calls to promote Arab and Islamic tourism in Jerusalem, it has become evident that the Emirati leadership is concerned. Take the provision of services in Judaizing Jerusalem. And the attempt to give it Arab and Islamic legitimacy is a gateway to Zionist satisfaction in this sinful alliance.

Last August, the UAE announced the normalization of its relations with the Israeli entity, under American auspices.

This is in a move that the Palestinian leadership considered a historical betrayal and a stab in the back of the Palestinian and Arab struggle against the Israeli occupation.

The UAE followed Bahrain, Sudan, and Morocco, with successive steps that represented falls in the history of these governments, which demanded them. The Palestinian leadership should backtrack on these steps, given the new obstacles they pose to the Palestinian Prime Time Zone in achieving their national rights.

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