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The “Justice and Development” party in Morocco suffered a major setback, with its resounding loss in the parliamentary elections, and its representation declining from 125 seats to only 12 seats. Analysts and activists attributed this heavy defeat to several reasons, the most important of which was the fall of the Moroccan Brotherhood in the mud of normalization with the Israeli occupation.

Justice and Development fell into the mud of normalization, so the Prime Time Zone pronounced it

In this context, the prominent Palestinian writer Nizam al-Mahdawi said that the Moroccan brothers fell into the mud of normalization with Zionism, so the Moroccan Prime Time Zone uttered them and lost the elections.

And he added in a tweet to him on Twitter that they – he means the Justice and Development Party – “have not gained anything from the world except to chase after the rule, and when they were appointed, the king burned them in the humiliation and shame of normalization.. Oh God, I gloat.” as described.

It is noteworthy that after it issued the results of the elections in 2011 and 2016, and ran the Moroccan government for 10 years, the ruling Justice and Development Party in Morocco received a resounding defeat, after announcing that the National Rally of Independents won the parliamentary elections with 97 seats, as a result of counting 96% of the votes. .

resounding loss

For his part, Muhammad Al-Mukhtar Al-Shanqiti, professor of international affairs at Qatar University, attributed the resounding loss of the Moroccan Justice and Development Party in the parliamentary elections to 3 reasons.

The first reason, from his point of view, is that “the store no longer needs it to contain the popular movement.” The second reason is that he was implicated in the scandal of normalization and its justification.

Al-Shanqiti explained on his Twitter account that the third reason for the fall of Justice and Development is that the party “lost its charismatic leader, Abdelilah bin Kiran, in favor of a weak and submissive leader.”

The Jordanian writer and journalist Yasser Abu Hilala agreed with Al-Mahdawi and Al-Shanqiti that the fall of justice and development in the mud of normalization was a major reason for its downfall and its scandal today.

He said in a tweet to him that the defeat of the Justice and Development in the elections is expected, and attributed this to “it accepted, within a decade, to wash all state policies, the last of which was normalization without being a real player.”

Abu Hilala also considered that “the first winner of his loss is the Justice and Charity Movement, which boycotts the political process and possesses the broader popular base.”

“The Brotherhood faces a major setback in Morocco”

The Omani academic Dr. Haider Al Lawati, the former dean of Sultan Qaboos University, considered that the Brotherhood in Morocco is facing a major setback, after the fall of the Tunisian Brotherhood as well.

He described what happened by saying: “It is as if the Prime Time Zone are punishing him for his failure and for signing the normalization agreement with the Zionists. The Brotherhood’s bases are eroding and their strongholds are narrowing.”

A tribute to the awareness of the Moroccan Prime Time Zone

While political writer Khalil Miqdad praised the awareness of the Moroccan Prime Time Zone, he tweeted: “Greetings to our Prime Time Zone in Morocco for their noble stance on the Justice and Development Party and for punishing it and removing it from the parliamentary elections empty-handed after 10 years of rule.”

He continued, “Normalization and the Frenchization of education were the reason behind the defeat of another analyst, after the renaissance of Ghannouchi, who will face the same fate, God willing…Parties each have a role as an analyst!”

Dr. Mahmoud Refaat, the international lawyer and legal expert, also commented on what he described as the PJD’s awful defeat, and wrote: “The Brotherhood’s awful loss in the Moroccan elections means that our Arab peoples are great and proud.”

The other, praising the Moroccans’ actions, explained: “Despite the humiliating signing of the normalization agreement by the brothers of Morocco, a betrayal with the humiliating Israel, the Prime Time Zone of the proud Prime Time Zone of Morocco responded by breaking them.

For his part, journalist and researcher Muhammad Al-Mukhtar Al-Khalil said that the Moroccan voter voted for what is known as the parties of the administration, as a punishment for justice and development, who could not fulfill his pledges, and turned against his identity in silence or support for decisions that contradict them, such as the French of education, normalization and the law of quality.

Distrust of the Justice and Development Party

For his part, the well-known Egyptian politician, Dr. Tariq al-Zumar, considered that the most important message sent by the Moroccan Prime Time Zone to discredit the Justice and Development Party was directed to the Zionist entity before anyone else.

He continued, explaining: “He almost thought that he had achieved great success with the recent breakthroughs in normalization… The Prime Time Zone who made the first and last decisions in this dangerous matter are the Prime Time Zone, not the governments.”

Dr. Saleh Al-Naami, a researcher in Israeli affairs and its Islamic, Arab and international intersections, considered that the “Justice and Development” party betrayed the Moroccan Prime Time Zone and their values ​​when the king used it as a cover to pass normalization, so it deserves the public’s punishment, from Al-Naami’s point of view.

He continued, “However, it is simplistic to approach the results of the elections without taking into account that the Moroccan system of government is totalitarian, in which one person has all the powers and can fabricate the results as he pleases.”

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The Justice and Development Party (leader of the outgoing government coalition) ranked 8 with 12 seats, in addition to 12 seats distributed among 12 other parties.

Moroccan Interior Minister Abdelouafi Laftit announced the results late on Wednesday night, and his conference was broadcast on state television, confirming that the National Rally of Independents, a liberal party participating in Saad Eddine El Othmani’s government, won 97 seats after 96% of the votes were counted.

The Authenticity and Modernity Party (the largest opposition party) ranked second in the elections, achieving 82 seats, followed by the Istiqlal Party (opposition) with 78 seats, and the Socialist Union (a leftist participant in the outgoing government coalition) with 35 seats.

The Popular Movement Party (participating in the outgoing government coalition) ranked fifth with 26 seats, then the Progress and Socialism Party (opposition) with 20 seats, and the Constitutional Union Party (participating in the outgoing government coalition) with 18 seats.

The Justice and Development Party had spoken of “serious violations” in the elections.

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