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It is no secret that the UAE was involved in buying real estate in the occupied city of Jerusalem, and then leaking it to settler associations, and Jerusalemites have repeatedly confirmed this, but what is new in the case is what was revealed about the existence of a “secret organization” behind the leakage of real estate in occupied Jerusalem. For the benefit of the settlement associations.

High-confidence sources from occupied Jerusalem told Watan that the UAE, through the dismissed leader of the Fatah movement, Muhammad Dahlan, is heavily involved in a “secret organization” that is behind the leakage of real estate in occupied Jerusalem for the benefit of settlement associations.

A “secret organization” is behind the leakage of real estate in Jerusalem

The sources stated that the issue of the “secret organization” is larger and deeper than some imagine.

She stressed that there is a lot of information and leads that have been reached about this organization, and details about it will be published later.

The sources pointed out that there are engineers and brokers from the Palestinian territories occupied in 1948 and the West Bank, and from outside Palestine, working for the “secret organization.”

She indicated that the UAE is mainly involved in the file of selling real estate in Jerusalem and diverting it to the benefit of the settlers.

It revealed that Muhammad Dahlan had a direct hand in buying and selling Jerusalemite real estate and then leaking it to the settlers.

The sources confirmed that the UAE invests large sums of money to purchase the homes of Jerusalemites and sell them to settlement associations later in malicious ways.

She referred to the “important” role of the former head of the Jordanian Royal Court, Basem Awadallah, who is arrested in connection with the “sedition case” in Jordan, in the file of buying and selling Jerusalem real estate and its leakage to settlement associations.

Awadallah had previously made confessions during his interrogation in the “sedition case” and said that he had a friendship relationship with an Israeli who had previously held the position of civil coordinator between the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority, and that he tried through him to retrieve his Jerusalem identity for the purposes of using it in the land trade in Jerusalem.

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It is noteworthy that the lawyer Khaled Zabarka recently revealed a secret organization made up of “influential” personalities who are behind the diversions of homes and buildings for settlement associations in occupied Jerusalem.

What did Khaled Zabarka say?

Lawyer Khaled Zabarka considered in a post on his Facebook page that the absence of religious, political and social reference contributed to the sluggishness of society and gave way to the secret organization to complete more deals.

Zabarka said: “What is required now and immediately is to form a leadership for Jerusalem from religious, political, social, and union references, to expose a secret organization with all its components, and its local and international ties, as a first stop to address the leaks. The root of the problem must be dealt with, not just its symptoms.”

He explained that the secret organization is made up of influential figures who are behind the diversions of houses, land and real estate in Jerusalem for the benefit of the settlement associations.

He pointed out that the absence of religious, political and social reference contributed to the sluggishness of society, and gave way to the secret organization to complete more deals.

Atout building leak

Last weekend, settlers seized a residential building in the Wadi Hilweh neighborhood in the town of Silwan in occupied Jerusalem, after its owner, Walid Ahmed Atout, had leaked it.

Documents published on social media revealed that Atout received a sum of 4.5 million shekels in exchange for selling his property.

And indicated that the “sale agreement” for a property in the Wadi Hilweh neighborhood, between the named Walid Ahmed Atout and the so-called Mahmoud Ighbariya, was signed by lawyer Nizar Salalah, so that the property would be leaked to the “Elad” settlement association.

It was agreed – according to the sale agreement – that the property would be vacated until 1/7/2021.

By following up on several leakage cases that took place during the past years, the property owner sells his property to another Arab person / broker, or transfers ownership to several parties, up to the settlement associations, to show the property owner that he is a victim.

Surveillance cameras in Wadi Hilweh captured the moment Atout and his family fled the property.

honor document

The Prime Time Zone of Silwan had issued a document of honor in which they pledged to boycott those who leaked and sold their homes and lands to the occupation.

The document stated: “We pledge to you that we will renounce and boycott, starting with leaving peace first, not selling, buying and renting it, refusing engagement and marriage, and quitting babysitting, companionship and friendship.”

The document added: “For every traitor who sold his house and land to the enemies of the sect, not to wash and shroud, to walk in funerals, and not to be buried in Muslim cemeteries.”

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