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Watch a fabulous Premier League goal in the style of Tiki Taka | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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In the 29th week of the English Premier League. Sheffield United scored a goal of magnificence and beauty. In the net of the guest team “Aston Villa”. After 12 passes.

The ball touched most of the team’s players, including the Shelved United goalkeeper. And ended with scoring the goal in a difficult corner on the right of the goalkeeper of the “Aston Villa” team. In a great scissor way.

Sheffield United attack. Transferring through the players in the ranks of the team. Beautiful tentacles. And that prevented the opposing team from completely controlling the ball inside the round ball.

Cross passes

Through crosses on the left and right backs of the team. Finally, to the striker in the British Sheffield United team, David McGoldrick, 33 years old.

In the 30th minute of the life of the first half of the match. It was also the only goal scored in the match against “Aston Villa” team.

With this remarkable goal, Sheffield United scored. The three precious points. After being ranked lowest in the Premier League table of the Premier League standings.

In order to climb. And to survive the bid farewell to the English Premier League competitions during the coming seasons.

Tiki-taka style

Tiki-taka is one of the methods of playing football, with short passes, movement, handling the ball through several channels, and maintaining possession of the ball.

This method is also linked to the Dutch club Ajax Amsterdam, led by Rinus Michels, its inventor in the seventies of the last century.

And also Barcelona in the Spanish League since Johan Cruyff was director of the club and continued to follow this method until now.

It is also linked to the Spain national football team headed by managers Luis Aragones and Vicente del Bosque. The Tiki-Taka method departs from traditional thinking.

And related to team formations, but rather depends on the concept derived from playing in the two areas inside the round ball court. In front of the opponent and the competitor.

Barcelona and Guardiola coach

The current Spanish coach Pep Guardiola played 50 years. For the Man City team. This method when he was coach of the Spanish team Barcelona in the period between “2008 – 2012 AD”.

Made the Catalan team. The most dominant team during its participation in the Spanish league. And also the Champions League. By relying on that method.

The “tiki-taka” method depends on high pressure on the opposing team and the opponent, as well as possession of the ball and preventing the opponent from touching it completely inside the pitch.

And extracted quickly after losing, and deal with the ball in the best way. Through passes between players quickly and intelligently without losing it. Before scoring the goal in the opponent’s net.

Sheffield United player was sent off

Sheffield United played in England, short of 10 players. After a referee was thrown in the 57th minute of the events of the second half of the match against his rival, “Aston Villa,” the English defender, Phil Jagielka, 38 years old.

After he was blocked by a player of the opposing team on his field. The referee immediately displayed the red card in the player’s face. And get him off the pitch.

Premier League scorers

The Egyptian international star Mohamed Salah also sits in the ranks of the English Liverpool team. Top scorer in the league with 17 goals.

Two goals difference from his closest competitors. Who comes second in Manchester United midfielder “Bruno Fernandes”, with 15 goals.

His fellow Englishman Harry Kane comes in Tottenham Hotspur with 14 goals. During the 2020-2021 English Premier League season.

While the English star “Dominic Calvert Lewin”, the player in the Everton team, came in third with 13 goals. So equal.

With Tottenham Hotspur striker “Heung-Min Son” with the same tally of goals. In the fifth ranking of the top scorers in the league.

Premier League standings

Man City is the only team at the top of the Premier League standings with 65 points, surpassing Germany’s United to finish second with 51 points.

West Ham is fourth

And one point difference with the third-placed Leicester City “The Foxes”, with 50 points. West Ham United also comes in fourth place.

After winning over his struggling opponent in the Premier League in the last 6 rounds with 45 points.

The rise of Chelsea and the decline of Liverpool

In fifth place, the Chelsea “Blues” team, with 44 points. Who came back after stumbling in the beginning of the league.

In sixth place, Liverpool, the English “Reds”, has 43 points. Who is also performing poorly during the competition this season.

Tottenham, Everton and Arsenal declined

While Everton is ranked seventh, with 43 points, equal to that of the English Liverpool team, the Reds.

In front of in the eighth place, Tottenham, the “Cybers”, of England, with 39 points. Equal to England’s Aston Villa team, in ninth place in the ranking, by denying points.

In tenth place, Arsenal ranks with 37 points. From the Premier League table this season.

The decline of Leeds and the rise of Arsenal

Leeds also came in eleventh place, two points behind Arsenal, who are promoted in the standings with 35 points. Wolverhampton came in twelfth place with 34 points.

As for the Thirteenth Place, the Crystal Palace team came with 34 points. While in the fourteenth place Southampton team came with 30 points.

Burnley came in fifteenth place with 29 points. And Brighton is in sixteenth place, declining in the league, with 26 points.

And in seventeenth place, Newcastle United were equal in number of points with Brighton. But in 18th in the standings, Fulham came with 23 points.

In the penultimate position of the table, West Brom came with 17 points. Sheffield United ranked lowest in the table with 14 points. In the English Premier League.

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