Watch a leaked video of Michel Aoun accusing Hariri of lying, sparking an uproar | A nation is tweeting out of tune


A leaked clip containing statements by Lebanese President Michel Aoun attacking the prime minister in charge of forming the government, Saad Hariri, describing him as a liar, during a meeting with caretaker Prime Minister Hassan Diab, sparked an uproar on social media.

Let the Lebanese hold their luck

According to the video monitored by “Watan” and which was leaked from a meeting that preceded the session of the Supreme Council for Defense in Baabda Palace, in the meeting, Diab asked Aoun: “The authorship was how His Excellency the President became.” What is lying, making false statements, and whether you are absent, let the Lebanese have their luck.

Michel Aoun’s statements sparked controversy on social media, and some took up previous tweets from the account of the Lebanese Presidency, confirming that Aoun had received a cabinet lineup from Hariri last December.

The objection of Michel Aoun

The Lebanese President, Michel Aoun, declared at the time his objection to the “uniqueness of the prime minister-designate Saad Hariri to name ministers, especially Christians, without an agreement with the presidency.”

At the time, the Lebanese presidency said that President Aoun’s objection was based on the method of distributing ministerial portfolios among the sects, and the proposed names were not discussed.

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The pioneers of social networking sites launched a series of hashtags to reject what is happening in the farce between Lebanese politicians, expressing their discontent with the existing political system.

It is worth noting that Lebanon is witnessing a political crisis that makes it difficult to form the new Lebanese government, after Hassan Diab resigned following the Beirut port explosion last year, and Saad Hariri was assigned to form the new Lebanese government.

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