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A Saudi political analyst, who is among the permanent guests of the “Saudi 24” channel, has sparked widespread ridicule on the communication sites with his strange analysis of the situation in Tunisia and the coup of President Qais Saeed, which the Tunisian Prime Time Zone opposed.

In his interview with one of the programs of the Saudi channel (Saudi 24) – suspicious of funding – the Saudi analyst supported the coup of Qais Saeed, and claimed that if Habib Bourguiba was the liberator of Tunisia from colonialism, then Saeed is now the one who was able to save Tunisia from the grip of the Muslim Brotherhood.

He continued his allegations that if the Brotherhood continued, Tunisia would be ruined, as they were conspiring against the country, “and the government during the days of the Muslim Brotherhood was communicating with foreign countries against Tunisia.”

The Tunisian political analyst added, trying to polish Qais Said’s coup and give it legitimacy: “The decision taken by Qais Saeed Shuja was based on constitutional decisions and saved Tunisia, as he found a popular incubator from all institutions, parties and elites.”

The Saudi analyst spared no effort in attacking the Brotherhood and the Ennahda movement, and said: “The Brotherhood was ready to sell Tunisia to Turkey, and there was a secret communication, as reported, between Ghannouchi and Erdogan.”

Regarding the appointment of Najla Boden as prime minister of Tunisia, the Saudi analyst described this decision as clever by Qais Saeed, as he emphasized the continuation of the civil state.

Naglaa Bouden

And on Wednesday, Qais Saeed commissioned an unknown woman in the political scene, Najla Boden, 63, to form a new government, more than two months after he took power, dismissed the prime minister, and suspended parliament.

This is the first time in the country’s history that a pioneer in the field of rights and freedoms has appointed a woman at the head of the executive authority to carry out reforms, the most important of which is fighting corruption.

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This decision sparked a great division among Tunisians on the communication sites. Although activists welcomed the appointment of a woman to the head of the government, for the first time in the country’s history, most political actors believe that the new prime minister will turn into a mere “employee” of Qais Saeed, who has taken over all powers. In the country, through an outright coup against the Constitution.

He is also the one who will choose the next government team, according to the “transitional provisions” announced a few days ago, which makes this government “illegitimate” according to the president’s opponents.

Bouden was born in the marginalized governorate of Kairouan in the center of the country, and is a university professor specializing in geology.

The presidency said in a statement, “The President of the Republic, Qais Saeed, assigned Najla Boden, the campus of Ramadan, to form a government, provided that this is done as soon as possible.”

Qais Said coup

On July 25, Saied announced, in a surprising move, the freezing of parliament, the dismissal of Prime Minister Hisham al-Mashishi, and the assumption of powers in the country.

Boden’s assignment comes against the backdrop of escalating political tensions in the country, since President Kais Saied’s decision on July 25, while presiding over an emergency meeting of military and security leaders at the Carthage Palace.

Exempting former Prime Minister Hisham Al-Mashishi from his post, while approving a package of exceptional measures in the country, including freezing the work of Parliament and lifting the immunity of MPs.

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