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Watch a Saudi girl screaming and seeking help from King Salman after a teenage boy blackmailed her! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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Social networking sites in Saudi Arabia have interacted with a video clip published by a veiled girl, in which she requests the Saudi elite for help.

The girl, who was said to be Saudi, appeared in the rolling clip that Watan monitored, saying: “I am your daughter, I am the daughter of Mohammed bin Salman, I am the daughter of King Salman.”

And she continued: “Someone has been playing Ali for ten months, and in the end they accused me of a marriage.

And she continued in her complaint: “Your sisterhood, and I am your daughter, stand with me, your betrayal, O Saudi Prime Time Zone, take my right for me.”

Many tweeters and activists interacted with the rolling clip of the girl, who was said to be of Saudi origin.

The blackmailer Al-Anzi was arrested

The tweeters launched a hashtag entitled “Arrest of the extortionist”, with which dozens of tweeters interacted.

Most of the comments of the tweeters were combined to criticize the girl and what led her to such a situation, according to what they said.

One of the tweeters said about the clip: “The client who wears a Saudi abaya and niqab, even if we assume that it is Saudi. Weakness of religious faith and absence. Censorship led her to where she is now, and then a day later, she wants a lover of carelessness to marry her by force.

While another tweeter went on to say: “This is what your hands have made. I seek forgiveness from your Lord. It is better than all of this. If you have the right, then the Almighty is your supporter.”

One of the activists wrote about the clip: “Once upon a time we said, ‘Whenever we talked, there is no life for whom you call. We say the right of girls. Do not talk to anyone.’ Do not talk to young Prime Time Zone, they say you and you.

While another person tweeted about the tag and said: “The word of your nephew shakes the one whose heart is worthy of. If you are wronged, give good tidings to taking your pure and liquidated right.”

And he continued: “And you are enough, be so, do not give up your right, no matter how much it becomes, God willing. The law does more justice to women. From the first adequacy of the Hubal girls, they recovered for years while they played with emotions, and for the time being the rest of the girls of Hatf.

Who is the blackmailer Al-Anzi?

Fahd Al-Anzi is one of the Prime Time Zone who blackmailed Saudi girls after they sent him their pictures through their private accounts. On social media sites.

There were many opinions about the case of Al-Anzi on the social site, the most important of which is Twitter, which issues many opinions about girls blackmail. Where pictures of Fahd Al-Anzi were published, talking to girls through personal accounts, threatening them and hacking accounts. These sideburns were documented through conversations filmed and posted on Twitter, which were like documentation of Al-Anzi’s actions against blackmailing girls.

The fact of the arrest of the blackmailer Al-Enezi also raised social media sites, and the case of extortion is considered one of the rejected cases in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Which is considered one of the unhealthy morals that the blackmailer did against Saudi girls in the Kingdom.

The fact that the blackmailer was arrested was one of the issues that took the trend today in social media and various websites, as there are specific cases in which a complaint is filed for blackmail in the Kingdom, but there must be evidence and pictures of everything that was blackmailed. The fact of arresting the blackmailer Al-Anzi was one of the lessons that spread in society to work to deter the youth from these attempts, but what is the truth about the arrest of the blackmailer Al-Anzi.

Another incident in Saudi Arabia and young men harassing a handsome young man

Within the context of the strange incidents that the Kingdom is now witnessing, activists circulated on social media a video documenting the moment of harassment by a group of youth. Another handsome young man in front of an ATM in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

And it appears in the circulating video that “Watan” monitored, the moment the young man goes to the exchange machine, and two young men approach him and one of them asks him: “How much is your night.” To lose his temper, throw him to the ground and hit him hard.

The other young man comes to try to save his friend, and the harassed young man also beats him, prompting him to flee, while the first young man remains. Unable to move.

The tweeters reported that one of the young harassers suffered a broken jaw after the assault.

The video sparked widespread controversy among the tweeters, some of whom questioned its authenticity, and some of them criticized the phenomenon of harassment and homosexuality in the Kingdom.

While it is not possible to verify the authenticity of what is circulating on social media, there has been no official comment from the competent authorities on the incident.

A young man complains of harassment!

The Kingdom witnessed a similar incident a few days ago, when the pioneers of social networking sites transmitted a video clip of a young man revealing that he had been harassed by three men.

The young man also said in a group conversation on the “Clubhouse” application that he had been harassed by three youths, including two of his relatives. Emphasizing that men are also subjected to harassment like girls.

The young man said: “For those who say that the harassment is limited to girls only, I am a young man and three of me were harassed, my uncle’s son, my maternal uncle, and one of the neighbors. In other words, the harassment is not only for girls, I am male and they harassed me and because of them I changed my sexual orientation.

He molested a girl inside her car

Social media activists traded, video, clip of a young man harassing a girl while she was in her car, in a way that the tweeters described as disgusting.

The video shows a young man harassing the girl from behind the windshield of her car, by sticking his tongue out in an unethical manner.

Qassim Police arrest the harasser

And the Qassim region police announced the arrest of a citizen in his second decade of life. For having documented indecent signals. Near a vehicle in which a woman is traveling. And he posted it on his account.

Al-Qassim Police said that the young man’s behavior constitutes a crime according to the systems of combating the crime of harassment and combating information crimes.

Amending the law to combat the crime of harassment

A few weeks ago, the official “SPA” agency reported that the Kingdom’s Council of Ministers held a meeting headed by the Saudi monarch, King Salman bin Abdulaziz. Where he approved a package of decisions, including adding a paragraph to Article VI of the law on combating the crime of harassment.

This paragraph states: “The judgment issued determining the penalties referred to in this article may include the text to publish its summary at the expense of the convicted person. In one or more local newspapers. Or in any other appropriate way. This is according to the gravity of the crime and its impact on society. Provided that the publication after the judgment acquires the final character.

The anti-harassment law, which came into effect in 2018, also provides for heavy penalties, including imprisonment for up to 5 years. And heavy fines for the convicts. However, it did not include at the time articles that would allow defamation of harassers under any circumstances.

Following the issuance of the amendment, thousands of Twitter users in the Kingdom traded the hashtag “Anti-harassment crime system”. To climb. Very quickly to the top of the “most traded” in Saudi Arabia.

And a large number of social media users welcomed this amendment, considering it a strong step to eliminate the phenomenon of harassment.

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