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“Watch” a Serbian referee tampered with the results of the local league matches and had a harsh end A nation is singing out of tune


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Three years after the incident, the Supreme Court in Serbia sentenced Sergan Obradovic to 15 months in prison and banned him from any sporting activity in stadiums for 10 years. Because of his tampering with the results of one of the matches in the Serbian domestic league.


The British newspaper “The Sun” revealed that, according to information from the Serbian government agency, “Tanjug”. That the Anti-Corruption Department of the Supreme Court of the State of Serbia. Three years after the incident, accusations were brought against the Serbian referee, “Azrabradovic”.

Details of the manipulation

And the newspaper added, saying: “Referee Obradovic most famously red card in the face of the visiting striker Milan Pavkov, when the result indicated a goalless draw, as the player was sent off after receiving two yellow cards within two minutes.”

European League

Obradovic also awarded two controversial penalties, which translated into two goals for the Serbian team, Spartak, in the league competitions, from Subotica, against his opponent, “Rudnitzky”.

Which ended with two clean goals without a response in 2018. To get Spartak Spartak to participate in the European Football League competition “Europa League” in the following season.

Controversial penalty shot

The verdict was also attended by the Serbian attacker, who was expelled. And the current player with the team “Tservina Zvezda” the referee session. That was in a court in Belgrade. He was also a witness in the case.

And in the second penalty shot in the 78th minute, the crowd was surprised by the referee calculating a penalty kick without any mistake inside the penalty area.

The court also heard the defense of the verdict, “Obradevich”, to that incident. That the assistant referee had assured him of a handball in the penalty area. However, he was sentenced to 15 months for tampering with match results and a decade-long ban from football stadiums.

Resign from his position

In addition, the president of the Serbian federation, Slavisa Kukiza, has resigned. End of last month. After being interrogated by police officers inside the country. Against the background of the organized crime investigations. Related to murder, drug trafficking and kidnapping.

Media reports also indicated that the name of the president of the Serbian Football Association was “Kokiza”. It has been mentioned in the investigations, based on the allegations made by the leader of the mafia in the State of Serbia, who was arrested with several Prime Time Zone in February of this year.

And the president of the federation, “Kookiza”, confirmed his innocence. Days after he was summoned, he announced his resignation from the Serbian Football Association under the pretext of not damaging his reputation.

Despite spending three weeks questioning the president of the Serbian Football Federation, “K كوكyza”. However, he was not charged with any of the charges against him following investigations by the police inside the country.

Raids campaign

The police forces launched a wide campaign of raids on football stadiums and headquarters. The most prominent of which is Partizan Stadium and the Red Star. In the Serbian capital Belgrade. Weapons and forensic evidence were confiscated from inside the two stadiums.

As initial investigations indicate. That the leader of the mafia who was arrested by the Serbian police. He controls the fans of the Serbian extremist club “Partizan”. These fan groups are associated with criminal organizations that are active in criminal acts, drug trafficking and kidnapping.

Serbian league standings

The red star team sits on the Serbian League standings, with 80 points. Partizan is in second league standings with 71 points. During the 2020-2021 Premier League.

Vojodina ranked third in the standings with 58 points. While Chukarechki came in fourth with 55 points. In fifth place is Spartak Subotica, with 44 points.

And in sixth place Bachka Topola’s team was one point behind, with 43 points. The “Nogo Sade” team came in seventh place with the same points with Topola.

As for the eighth place, Radnick’s team came by one point, with 42 points. And in ninth place, Radaniتشki’s team came in the league standings debate, with 39 points. In tenth place, Metalac, with 38 points.

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