“Watch” a touching meeting between a Qatari child and his Saudi mother for the first time since 2017 | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The Saudi Al-Akhbariya channel has published a video clip documenting the moment a Qatari child met his Saudi mother on the first plane that arrived from Qatar to Riyadh after the Saudi-Qatari reconciliation.

Khaled hugged his mom for the first time since 2017

In the video, the Qatari child named “Khaled” appears embracing his mother, who was crying with joy, while the reporter asks how she feels, and the mother’s brother replies, that it is an indescribable feeling and that the child arrived alone to his mother after 4 years of deprivation, and the opening of the air, land and sea borders Between the Kingdom and Qatar, and the success of the Al-Ula agreement between the countries of the Gulf Council, last Tuesday.

Newsletter delete the video

The “Al-Akhbariya” channel deleted the video later, which showed it to a large attack by the Saudis who saw that it harms the reputation of their country with these actions, and the Kingdom’s showing in this video that it is inhuman in its policy, and that its siege of Qatar years ago caused an imbalance in humanitarian cases such as the story of the child “Khaled.” .

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The first Qatari car to enter the Salwa crossing

Several videos have previously shown the moment the first car entered Riyadh from Doha via the Salwa land crossing.

The videos showed the entry of the first Qatari car from the Salwa border crossing, in implementation of the agreement announced between the two countries, as the blockading countries opened last Saturday their land, sea and air borders with Qatar.

The first Qatari traveler who entered the Kingdom said: “My feeling is good and what is described. Saudi Arabia is the elder sister, and Saudi Arabia and Qatar are one country. We were glad to welcome you with roses.”

It is worth noting that the Customs Administration announced last Saturday its readiness to receive Qataris through the Salwa border crossing, at a time when the border guards removed concrete barriers in a number of locations in the Salwa port.

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