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Watch “Al-Ahly” fall in front of Simba of Tanzania with an unbeatable goal in the African Champions | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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In his first loss in the 2020-2021 CAF Champions League competitions. The former defending champion Al-Ahly team met its stubborn rival and Tanzanian champion Simba with a clean goal without a response. To top his group in the championship. During the match, the two champions gathered on the last field.

Tanzanian missile target

He scored the wonderful goal of the match against Al-Ahly goalkeeper “Mohamed El-Shennawy”, 32 years old. Mozambique striker, Luis Micoysoni, is 25 years old with hosts Simba, Tanzania. With a strong shot that came in a difficult corner on the Egyptian visiting team in the 31st minute of the match.

By that goal, he was the top of his group in the CAF Champions League competition. Six precious points, to be followed by the losing team Al-Ahly of Egypt. Vita Club Congolese. With three points, then the Sudanese champion Al-Merrikh comes in the lowest ranking in the group.

The lackluster performance of Al-Ahly

The former Egyptian champion also did not present Al-Ahly. Good performance against his opponent in the match against his rival, Simba, Tanzania. Throughout the course of the meeting between the two teams. In the second round of the African Champions League. With the slow rumbling that descended on the ranks of the Egyptian Al-Ahly team inside the stadium.

And the Egyptian Al-Ahly team was also not made. Any dangerous group attacks against the Tanzanian host team. Also, the only goal was the result of the wrong positioning of the midfield rows in the field. In which the opposing team’s top scorer succeeded in striking the goal from a distance at the Egyptian goalkeeper Al-Ahly.

Victory over Mars

The Egyptian Al-Ahly team also succeeded in achieving the first victory in its first confrontation against the Sudanese league champion Al-Merrikh, the Sudanese, with three clean goals without a response, in a match that witnessed control and power between the two teams in the 2020-2021 African Champions League. The middle of last week.

Free of targets

The negative tie between the two champions also prevailed between control and the great pressure that the first half witnessed on the defense of the Sudanese team, Al-Marikh Al-Dhaif, amidst its steadfastness until the end of the last minute of the first half between both competitors.

The Egyptian Al-Ahly team tried to pay a number of opportunities towards the goal of the Sudanese team Al-Deif Al-Merreikh, to no avail, with the ingenuity of the Egyptian goalkeeper Al-Shennawi in the response in more than one opportunity for the Al-Mars team. The first half ended with a goalless draw.

Al-Ahly turns the balance

The events of the second half witnessed the complete control of the landowners Al-Ahly of Egypt, who succeeded in scoring his first goal through Mohamed Magdy Qafsha, 24, in the 57th minute of the match.

The second goal was also made by Mahmoud Abdel Moneim, known as “Mahmoud Kahraba,” 26 years old, in the 63rd minute, with a powerful shot at the Sudanese guest Al Merrikh.

And he hit the deadly goal and the top of the group for the Egyptian Al-Ahly team in the 71st minute, through the 25-year-old Zambian striker Walter Bwalya, with a superb pass to score in the net of the Sudanese goalkeeper Al Merrikh.

The Egyptian Al-Ahly team

The Egyptian Al-Ahly team, led by Southern African coach Pitso Mosimane, 56, led by Southern African coach Pitso Mosimane, 56, played against his rival, Tanzanian League champion Simba, with a squad list as follows: In the goalkeeper, Egyptian player Mohamed El-Shennawi, Ali Lotfi, Mustafa Schubert and Hamza Alaa.

In the defense center line, Ahmed Ramadan Beckham, Yasser Ibrahim, Ayman Ashraf, Badr Bannon, Saad Samir, Muhammad Hani, Akram Tawfiq and Mahmoud Waheed.

Hamdi Fathi, Alliou Diang and Amr Al-Soulia will play in the midfield as well, along with the player Mohamed Majdi Afsha, Hussein Al-Shahat, Mahmoud Abdel Moneim Kahraba, Taher Mohamed Taher, Junior Ajay, and Walid Suleiman.

As for the team’s offensive line, the coach will depend on the player Marwan Mohsen, Mohamed Sharif, Salah Mohsen and Walter Bwalia.

While absent from that confrontation, both: Tunisian left-back player Ali Maaloul after suffering an injury in his match against Bayern Munich, after which he left the pitch. In the 24th minute of the first half events, in the semi-final round of the Club World Cup.

Egyptian League

The Egyptian team, Zamalek, is at the top of the standings with 29 points after defeating Al-Ittihad of Alexandria with two clean goals without a response to maintain the top of the standings.

Meanwhile, Al-Masry Al-Borseidi is ranked second in the Egyptian Premier League with 23 points. Al-Ahly team also comes third with 21 points, with its matches postponed due to its foreign competitions. In the African Champions League as well as the Club World Cup.

While the Ceramica Kilopatra team returned to the competition for the top of the standings in fourth place with 21 points, one point difference with the Egyptian team El Gouna, which ranks fifth in the Egyptian Premier League competitions with 19 points.

And in sixth place, the Egyptian Pyramids team comes with 18 points, one point ahead of rival El Gouna in the table.

In seventh place, the Egyptian Enppi team, which is falling in the Egyptian league standings, is ranked with 18 points, equal to that of the Pyramids team with the same points.

Also, Enppi and Samouha are in the eighth and ninth places with the same points, with 18 points. Aswan, the promoter in Trip, came in tenth place with 17 points.

Simba’s team in the league

The rival team, the Egyptian champion Al-Ahly, occupies the “century”. In the second league standings with 42 points. Seven points behind the leaders, Yang Africans are at the top of the standings with 49 points.

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Watch "Al-Ahly" fall in front of Simba of Tanzania with an unbeatable goal in the African Champions |  A nation is tweeting out of tune