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The period set for voting within the special electoral committees of the Qatari Shura Council has expired, and the large participation of women in the first Shura elections was remarkable.

Numerous photos and clips circulated showed a high turnout by women in Qatar to vote, within the polling stations to choose their candidates in the Shura Council.

It was remarkable that Qatari women were keen to participate in the first electoral entitlement, in the history of Qatar.

Shura Council elections in Qatar

Qataris began flocking from the early morning hours to polling stations in 30 electoral districts, to choose the members of the country’s elected Shura Council.

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The polling stations opened their doors since eight in the morning, to receive the voters who began to flock there, as the voting process continues until six in the evening on the second day of October.

Thirty members of the 45-seat assembly will be elected, while the emir will continue to appoint the remaining 15 members of the assembly, which will have legislative power and approve state policies and the budget.

The elections were approved in a constitutional referendum in 2003 and come before Qatar hosts the World Cup soccer tournament next year, while critics say the number of Prime Time Zone entitled to vote is very limited.

18 women participate in the Shura Council elections

Eighteen women are running in the elections out of about 183 candidates who hope to be elected in polling stations in 30 regions in Qatar, which has been holding municipal elections for several years.

The permanent Qatari constitution, issued in 2004, stipulates the election of two-thirds of the council’s members (30 members), while the Emir of the country appoints 15 other members, from ministers or others.

The candidates campaigned through social media, community gatherings and roadside billboards.

Qatari Deputy Prime Minister describes it as a new experience

Last month, Qatar’s Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani described the vote as a new “experiment”, and said that since the first year it cannot be expected that the parliament will have the “full role of any parliament.”

According to the articles of the Qatari constitution, the Shura Council assumes the authority to legislate and propose laws, approves the state’s general budget, and also exercises control over the executive authority, and holds ministers accountable and questioned, leading to a vote of confidence in them, with the approval of two-thirds of the members of the Council.

Shura Council elections in Qatar

In November 2020, the Emir of the State of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, announced the intention to hold the first general elections in the country.

I will participate in the Shura Council elections

The hashtag bearing the hashtag “I will participate in the Shura Council elections” was launched on social media platforms in Qatar, after the start of the polls for the first elections of its kind.

Qataris interacted with the hashtag minutes after its inauguration, praising the country’s democracy, and calling on citizens to participate in voting without hesitation.

Activists on the communication sites circulated a video clip showing the former Prime Minister of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim, casting his vote in the Shura Council elections, which began today, Saturday, from the early morning hours, as Qataris flocked to polling stations in 30 electoral districts, to choose the members of the Council. elected in the country.

According to the circulated clip, which was monitored by (Watan), Hamad bin Jassim appeared in “Constituency 4 – Al Mirqab”, taking voting procedures and heading to the ballot box to cast his vote after taking his card from the officials of the committee.

Hamad bin Jassim then exchanged dialogue with the officials of the committee, and some pictures were taken for the memory, in this first election in the history of Qatar.

Wide turnout for the Qatari Shura Council elections

Today, Saturday, the 30 polling stations, in the first elections to be held for the Qatari Shura Council, witnessed a large turnout by voters.

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