“Watch” Anwar Gargash with a long tongue announces that his mentor, Ibn Zayed, has recanted the conditions | 13 A nation is tweeting out of tune


The UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Anwar Gargash, announced that his country has withdrawn from the list of thirteen demands set by the four blockading countries as a condition for reconciliation with Doha, the most prominent of which was the closure of Al Jazeera and the Turkish military base and the reduction of cooperation with Iran.

Conditions 13 fell, and with them the allegations of the conspirators fell

In a television interview with the American “CNN” channel, monitored by “Watan”, Gargash responded to a question about dropping the demands of the blockading countries by saying: “The 13 demands at that time were considered what we call the maximum of the negotiating position, and we are very satisfied with this and we want to build on him”.

Anwar Gargash talks about broad lines!

Gargash added, “What we have come to is the broad lines that basically govern relations between countries that are party to the same region, the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, and in the case of Egypt is also a member of the Arab League.”

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The bereaved bin Zayed placed trust in Bin Salman

Gargash added: “We have placed our confidence in the Saudis to lead this process of negotiations, and I believe that our confidence is justified, and the idea basically is to try to lay down rules of non-interference and agree on issues that affect us all, including extremism and terrorism, which is an integral part of the agreement.”

Anwar Gargash: A solid Gulf Cooperation Council

And he went on to say, “We are confident that such a destructive rift that we all have passed through must not be repeated through transparency, and by working together to address these issues,” expressing the aspiration of the blockading countries for the Gulf Cooperation Council to become more solid and unified in this troubled region.

It is worth noting that the Secretary-General of the Gulf Cooperation Council, Nayef Al-Hajraf, announced yesterday, Tuesday, that the leaders of the Gulf states signed the final statement of the 41st summit and the “Al-Ula statement”, which included an emphasis on the unity of the ranks and the strengthening of joint cooperation.

The siege of Qatar and the conspiracy against it

More than three years ago, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt imposed a blockade on Qatar, claiming that it financed terrorism, which Doha denies altogether and stressed that it is an attempt to undermine its sovereignty and its independent decision.

The Al-Ula summit was held in the Gulf, the day after the announcement of Kuwait that Saudi Arabia and Qatar reached an agreement to reopen the skies and land and sea borders between the two countries, in addition to addressing the repercussions of the Gulf crisis.

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