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The Lebanese actress, Haifa Wehbe, surprised her audience with the latest photo session, during which she appeared with a very bold look.

(its me)

Haifa Wehbe published the photos through her official account on (Instagram), during which she appeared in an elevator in a very short black dress, which adheres to her body and reveals its details accurately.

Haifa’s dress was distinguished by being off the shoulders and exposed at the chest area, coordinating it with black shoes with long laces, and a fuchsia bag.

Haifa complemented her look with black sunglasses, bracelets and a ring.

Aesthetically, Haifa Wehbe adopted a nude makeup, and left her hair hanging on her shoulders in a curly way.

Haifa attached her photos with a quote from Adele’s famous song, and wrote: (Hello, it’s me).

Elissa and Haifa together on their comfort

In another context, Haifa Wehbe documented, through the (Al-Asturi) feature on Instagram, the visit of her compatriot, artist Elissa, to her home.

The two artists appeared in the video, cutting a cake with the words (Bahamas) written on it, in reference to Elisa’s party on Valentine’s Day next in the United States of America.

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The two stars embraced in front of a candy bar, and appeared in other clips while they were enjoying watching TV together, while Elissa expressed her admiration for the taste of sweets, saying: (I don’t care, it’s ok), in reference to her indifference to her weight gain.

Other publications showed the two stars hugging in front of two cakes adorned with pictures of the two artists, and some clips showed their enjoyment together of watching TV.

Haifa attached the videos to Elisa’s song (Hengni Violin and Violin), in which they appeared together in pajamas during the quarantine at the beginning of the Corona pandemic.

A few days ago, Haifa Wehbe used a fierce dog to send a mysterious message through her pages on social media.

Haifa Wehbe appeared in a video through her official account on (Instagram), with a sexy casual look, walking with a Rottweiler dog, and petting him.

Haifa commented: (The Rottweiler loves his friends and bites his enemies, unlike some Prime Time Zone who are unable to pure love and must always mix love and hate).

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The audience praised Haifa Wehbe’s boldness with the dog, which is known to be one of the fiercest species, while others warned her of it, stressing that it posed a danger to her.

Egyptian stars dance with Haifa on her song

The Lebanese actress had previously participated in the celebration of the 69th birthday of the Egyptian media, Hala Sarhan, among a large number of art stars a few weeks ago.

The artist, Abeer Sabry, and the media, Bossi Shalaby, published clips of the ceremony held by Hala Sarhan, during which Haifa appeared with a white short short, while the stars were dancing on her song (Tota).

Among the most prominent attendees were the director Enas Al-Deghaidi, the artist Hani Ramzy and the artist Ilham Shaheen.

Hala Sarhan expressed her happiness after she surprised her best friends from the artistic community to celebrate her birthday, and published a group photo of everyone who congratulated her on her birthday on her personal page on the Instagram website.

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Hala commented on the photo: (The friendship is sweeter and sweeter with the wonderful friends Hani, Mona, Ilham Shaheen, Haifa Wehbe, Ayman, his wife, Abeer Sabri, Ibnas Al-Deghaidi, Gigi, Dodo Hosni, and the dynamo, Bossi Shalaby, the tender one who makes joy. I love you all and thank you for a beautiful night and evening that I will never forget).

What caught the public’s attention is that Haifa Wehbe looks younger among the stars, despite their actual age.

While others criticized Haifa’s appearance in this bold and young appearance, referring to plastic surgery.

Haifa was forced to wear pants!

Haifa Wehbe was forced to wear trousers instead of the (hot shorts) she was wearing to her party in a village on the North Coast, while recording an interview with the official Egyptian TV, which imposes on its guests a commitment to dress standards.
It had been agreed with the organizers of Haifa Wehbe’s concert in El Alamein, to record an interview with her for the “Good Morning Egypt” program, and it was approved, especially since Wehbe has not appeared on Egyptian television since 2014.

According to local media, there was a suggestion that the camera focus only on the upper part of Haifa Wehbe’s body so that the shorts would not appear, but after discussions it was decided that she should wear trousers, and she did not mind, emphasizing her respect for the rules and laws of Egyptian television.
An Egyptian TV source told the Egyptian newspaper, Al-Watan, that Haifa appeared during the ceremony in shorts, but the director forced her during the television interview to wear trousers.

And the source continued at the time: (Because she is forbidden to look at the viewers on Egyptian television wearing hot shorts, which made her go to her room to wear trousers, and indeed she went to her room and wore black pants).

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