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Sameh Sami, the husband of the Egyptian actress Hala Sidqi, announced that he has officially divorced his wife, after a long series of disputes that reached the courts and his denial of the lineage of his two sons and their cessation of living together for some time.

Sameh Sami expressed, in a press statement, his strong dissatisfaction with his wife’s recent accusations, via satellite channels, in reference to him. To her dialogue in an episode within the program “Sheikh Al-Hara and Al-Darara”, presented by director Inas El-Deghidi on the screen, “Cairo and the People”.

These are the reasons for the divorce of Sameh Sami and Hala Sidqi

For his part, he attributed the reasons for the divorce, which prompted him to announce it, to the accusations that were leveled against him while he was in the United States of America.

Sameh Sami responded to showing his pictures with women while she was on the “Sheikh Al Hara” program, presented by Inas Al-Deghidi.

“Sheikh Al-Hara” said that the artist’s husband was cheating on her in the company of the girls who were shown pictures of them, but soon Hala Sidqi’s husband came out on “Facebook.” To clarify the truth of the pictures, he wrote: “These are the pictures of the failed program today. Their home was based on what they are Japo. A very serious thing. I would love to know you, his failure. My dear friend, Pamela Hasselhoff, is one of the most famous Hollywood actresses, who neither you nor she can appreciate until you conceive with her. As for the second picture, oh his failure, it is some colleagues at work, if you carefully consider that he is wearing a uniform and wait for surprises! ”

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Hala Sidqi spoke with Inas El-Deghidi about many matters related to her personal life, such as her children changing their father’s name on “Facebook”. And replace it with the name of their mother, Sidqi, which caused them a lot of problems.

Hala Sidqi explained the truth about the land, whose price at the present time is 8 million pounds, that her husband wrote in her name, and said: It was not offered to her. A dowry, a network, or an apartment and he told her that he owns a plot of land, but there is no buyer for it, and after the intervention of a friend, he wrote this land in its name, and at that time it was 50,000 pounds.

Hala Sidqi had confirmed that all the marital experiences she went through were failures, and that her husbands had failed, and she was the only one that was not a failure. In these experiences, saying: “I will never marry again, and marriage is a very difficult story, and my children and family represent a lot to me.”

During her interview, Hala added that her mother died because of her. Just before her death, a case was announced against her, saying: “She died from heartburn … my problems hurt her heart.”

Hala Sidqi cried on the air because of her grief over the separation of her mother, confirming that she could no longer live in her home, and that she would have written everything she owned for her children.

Hala Sidqi prays with Muslims

The Egyptian actress Sidqi talked about an embarrassing situation she was exposed to while attending the condolences of the late Egyptian artist Ahmed Zaki.

In response to the question, “What would you do if you participated in the funeral of a Muslim person inside a mosque?” Hala Sidqi said that she participated. In the condolences of Ahmed Zaki. She and some of her friends, such as Anushka and others, entered the mosque.

Hala Sidqi added during her interview on the “Sheikh of the Warm and the Daring” program presented by Inas Al-Deghidi on satellite TV. “Cairo and Prime Time Zone”. “I have gone to many mosques, but this time there is a colleague who told us whoever does not want to pray, get out of here.”

And she continued, “Anushka looked at me and said, Are we going out? I told her no, so this colleague got up for the second time and said, “Who will not pray?” Please be kind. To get out, and no one answered it.

Hala Sidqi added with a laugh: “When the colleague was bored, she said frankly, Hala you and Anushka, please. He who will not pray, let him go out. I told her, I will not take this out of God’s house, and Ahmed Zaki was one of us, a brother and a lover for us, and we will pray exactly as you pray, and we prayed, but our prayers are ours.

Ramez program fabricated this is why I reject it

Sidqi revealed her opinion on the landfill programs, and said: “I am faulted for the programs of Ramez Jalal in the first part of the episode. Because the guest is presented sarcastically in his episodes?

Hala indicated that she had agreed to appear on the Ramez program in previous seasons, on condition of watching the episode. After montage, but they refused.

Hala Sidqi confirmed that the program was fabricated, and continued: “The Ramez Jalal program is fabricated, and what bothering me is his insult to the guests, and the reason. The audience enjoys watching the dumps of the artists and enjoys because the viewer likes to see the artist exposed to these situations and relaxes psychologically when he sees it growling.

“We have to accept gays.”

On homosexuality, Hala said that society does not accept sexual orientations or homosexuality, but she is. Accept them and stand beside them.

She added, “Society does not accept sexual orientations or homosexuality, but homosexuals should not be held accountable for their attitudes. An infected person. With homosexuality, he may have been exposed in childhood to harassment or create such a person, and we must accept them. ”

Sedky believes that all her marital experiences are failures, and she described her ex-husbands as losers. Adding: “I am the only one who was not a failure in these experiences, and I will never marry again. Marriage is a very difficult story, and my children and family represent a lot to me.”

Hala Sidqi indicated that her mother died because of her, as her mother, right before her death, had received an announcement of a case against her. Adding: “She died of heartburn. My problems hurt her heart.”

Sidqi cried on the air, when she spoke about her mother’s separation, confirming that she was unable to be in her home.

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