Watch Halima Boland provoke the Kuwaitis with a pure gold phone on the occasion of Valentine’s Day! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


Controversial Kuwaiti media, Halima Boland, has raised social networking sites, after publishing a video clip documenting her purchase of a new mobile phone on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

The clip, which was shared by many Kuwaiti accounts, documented the phone that was specially manufactured in the name of the Kuwaiti media. In pure 24k gold and diamonds.

The name “Halima Boland” is engraved on the back.

From the clip, the voice of the Kuwaiti media can be heard filming the clip, and she said: “Surprisingly, this is a 24-carat gold phone with all diamonds around it. See beauty, elegant and sweet details.

Halima added: “I asked her by my name: 24 karat gold, in 21 karat gold, and in 18 karat gold, and in gold plated, and in diamonds. And all of them at different prices, starting from 900 dinars to 10 thousand dinars upon request.

The mockery of the tweeters of Halima Boland

Many tweeters and activists interacted on social networking sites with the Kuwaiti media gift, some of them mocked her and considered that she is giving gifts to herself.

One of the tweeters said in a comment to him: “Poor surprises herself with gifts.”

Days on the last wave of controversy for Halima Boland

The Kuwaiti media, Halima Boland, was subjected to a wave of ridicule by activists on social media a few days ago.

Activists described her Kuwaiti media time as a jinx, after she posted a video clip of her on “Snapchat”, while she was on her way to attending a fashion show.

In the video monitored by “Watan”, Halima Boland appeared as she was leaving the car surrounded by security men on her way to attend a fashion show.

Halima Boland expressed her happiness with her participation in the activities again, and the return of life again.

She said, “Welcome to the bodyguards. I am happy that life has started to return to normal with the preservation of health precautions. We all wear masks, and today a special fashion show, stay tuned.

Halima Boland, the face of jinx

Hours after the clip was published by the controversial Kuwaiti media, Kuwait made new preventive decisions in the country. In order to combat the spread of the Coronavirus “Covid 19”.

Which made Halima Boland ridicule, describing her as a “face of badness,” so one of the followers wrote: “I seek refuge in God, reasonable jinx.”

And another sarcastically said: “I wish she had stayed in her house and remained silent instead of us having recoiled.”

In the same description, one follower wrote: “Its longevity is a jinx,” and another commented: “Nobody tells her that they will return the ban.”

Corona Kuwait

Several days ago, the Kuwaiti government announced a new package of precautionary measures to deal with the emerging corona virus (Covid-19).

These Kuwaiti decisions followed a gradual increase in the injury curve in recent days.

Kuwait has recorded more than 169,410 cases of Coronavirus. Since its appearance in the country.

For its part, the Kuwaiti Cabinet decided to prevent non-Kuwaitis from entering its territory, for a period of two weeks.

It was also decided to implement a 7-day “institutional” quarantine in a local hotel, which will be enforced for a period of at least a month.

The decisions also included stopping celebrations and renting halls, tents and gatherings, including those associated with national holidays. With the suspension of work in health clubs and personal care shops.

The Kuwaiti government will implement a partial closure of all commercial activities, from 8 pm to 5 am.

Restaurant reception halls will also be closed at the same time. Provided that external ordering and delivery services are satisfied.

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